The Mike Church Show-The Devils Got His Civil War-Trumps Nomination Of Amy Coney Barrett Sparks Demoncrat War Against Catholicism! - burst 3


Rockstar. Revered thinker view want to. He's that even fair to say that the man thinks. Fainter. Full of far left. For, your average Pinko. Pinko Commie. Picture in the chat room, a crusade channel DOT COM forward slash chat of the Coney Barrett well of the Barrett family. and yourself in the position of your average vicious family and child hating wacko feminist. Who wants to go to war against that. Because there's nothing in the judicial record that you're going to get her on. And as I said on Friday show when and or maybe I Taylor Marshall when I was on with with Doc Marshall all she's going to say when she's asked a question about a case is I already answered that question in my two thousand seventeen confirmation hearing for the Appeals Court I can refer you to that transcript senator. So you're not gonNA get anything there. So what's the line of attack well here? Let me give you a preview. This is yesterday and the White House briefing room as I said rare Sunday afternoon press conference. Somebody brings this up and here's trump's response. To the coming civil war of all of lip tar left merica versus the Catholic Church. Via Aiming Coney Barrett my thought. On the religious situation with amy I thought we settle this sixty years ago with the election of John F. Kennedy But seriously they're going after her Catholicism I. Will stand. With her fight with her we will make sure that these attacks stop because they really it's unprecedented evasively fighting a major religion in our country is incredible fighting any religion fighting. Catholicism is just incredible that they can be doing it. Three S to say catholocism twice he got it right to. At, least. Got It. Right So this is going to be the line of attack. Yesterday I saw no, we don't have the audio from because it's just stupid. I didn't even feel like telling Maggie O'CONNELL's you ought to get it but. Cory. Booker was I I. Mean. You People in New Jersey A pox on all your houses. If you're listening to me right now, you didn't vote for that clown. And you're not responsible for him. In the US Senate, this guy is what a piece a worke. So we talked about him with Chris Ferrara after the nomination on Saturday and after conybeare it Ma- amy conybeare gave her. Acceptance Speech, we talked about how Cory Booker had asked to that line of questioning we cavenaugh about whether or not he drank beer on Tuesdays.

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