President Trump declares he is 'immune' from COVID-19 as he prepares to resume campaign travel


53 degrees in Boston President trumpets the campaign trail today. today. This This will will be be his his first first trip trip since since announcing announcing his his cove cove in in 19 19 Diagnosis. Diagnosis. ABC ABC is is Karen Karen Travers Travers is is in in Washington Washington with with details details on on his his schedule schedule for for the the week, week, just 11 days after he announced he tested positive for Kobe 19 President Trump is heading back out on the campaign trail with a robust travel schedule rally with supporters tonight in Florida and then campaign stops in Iowa, Michigan in North Carolina this week. This is crunch time, just 22 days until election Day, and sources say the president's been frustrated that he lost time on the trail due to his coven 19 recovery Polls have not shown a sympathy bounce for Mr Trump, a new ABC News Washington Post poll found Two thirds of Americans say he failed to take appropriate precautions against the

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