In Their Shoes

Full Body Chills


It. was late in the day. And I was speaking in. Cooling off the grass still warm from the summer. Sun. The air smelled sweet lilacs and freshly mowed grass. Someone was grilling off in the distance. Right, before all the light was dimmed for the day. That was my favorite time to walk. Most people were off the streets. Retreating in for a late supper with their families. You could walk down the sidewalk. And here their noises growing fainter and fainter as they retired in for the evening. Resting up for another day of sprinklers in the front yard. Popsicles in hotdogs? Basketball Games driveways. And swimming down by the lake. If, you lightning box were popping up here and there. Blinking, in and out of existence. Summer is the most exciting time of year here. All, the families coming up from the city to fill out the houses. A few friendly faces offering a hello or smile on my direction?

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