I think you were listening to smart talk.


This is I knew. President elect Joe Biden says he knows this Thanksgiving is unlike anything we've experienced in the past. We've had a long long tradition of traveling in and tuck it with our big family. We won't be doing that this year. This year. We're gonna be staying in Delaware, but just a small group around our dinner table. Biden released a video on Twitter alongside his wife, Dr Jill Biden, the president elect insisted that staying home can make a world of difference. Dr Biden said. There are people to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, she noted. Just some of them include frontline workers, teachers and members of the military. The president elect finished their message by saying better days are ahead. President, Trump said. There's no way President elect Joe Biden got the votes of 80 million Americans. Trump Tweeted quote This was a 100% rigged election. NBC News says Biden's vote count stands at just over 80 million while Trump's is approaching 74 million. Biden is the first candidate to receive more than 80 million votes in a nationwide election. You're

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