Poland activists vow largest protest yet over abortion ban


Now, after the week off nationwide protests on the issue Poland's president under studio has given his view on abortion. Last week, the country's conservative government successfully adopted a near total ban on abortion. But yesterday in a radio interview, the president said women should have the right to have an abortion when the fetus they're carrying. Has lethal congenital defects. But it's quite a departure from the government's stance, which triggered demonstrations that have seen people take to the streets to support the call off women's rights activists. Well another major protesters actually planned for later today in the capital Warsaw. Joining us for mass city is a Polish journalists. Natalia Jessica Mourning, too, you Natalia first, Can you tell us about This latest protest what actually is being planned? Good morning. So, yes, the number of protests over the last two days has been growing successfully at one of the watched of media has actually estimated that on Wednesday more than 430,000 people Participated in 410 different protests organized all across the country. Polls took to the streets even in tiny towns, including my own hometown. When I've never seen protests before, and today, people from all over the country are expected to arrive in Warsaw. To form and large, that would be even the larger than the black protests from 2016. And when the president spoke on this radio show, giving his views was that a surprise It is absolutely because so far the message is coming from the government were absolutely of a different nature. We had the deputy prime minister of questions he who was also the leader of the Law and Justice Party, and he called on Christian Catholics to form self defense units to protect the churches and the traditional values, and there was immediately a reaction to this. Isil groups off such men guarding the churches in where so and then being also admission, Aly protected by the police officers, But you know, at this point, the protesters resigned from any attends to vandalize the walls. All the entrances of the churches as they did on Sunday and then you know, On the other hand, you have the opposition. Calling on the government not to publish the ruling and absolutely nothing till the polenta is over. What does it mean now, though, I mean, where does it leave it, Especially given what the president said. Do you think this is going to have a change? Because I mean, this is something that's already been adoptive into law, Isn't it all? Do you feel there'll be a change of view within the government or within the opposition, bringing some fresher to bet? This is an incredibly difficult question that everyone is asking themselves right now in Poland, because you know this ruling has been issued by the Constitutional Tribunal in the theory is biting not be appealed. So there are so many legal questions like how can you proceed right now? And to the illness, the only solution that appears To be, you know, realistic right now. It's just not publish it. Right, Natalya. Thank you very much for joining us. Natalia or Jessica in Warsaw.

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