Transforming Your Marketing Plays With Jackie Lipnicki


A sales rep if they you know, if I'm I'm thinking about this if I'm a prospect I get a quiz. Yeah might feel wage. Up out more likely than respond to a cold email to say Hey, you know like we've got this great solution for you, you know, not that I've never responded to a cold email. But but it just I mean we all know like he rarely respond to those things, but the quiz I would probably fill out if I thought it was pertinent to me now on the sgr side of things I could see the huge benefit being you've got some relevant information and the timing was right there cuz I feel like timing is almost everything in sales rep. I think it's really great from a timing perspective. But it also does a really good job, especially if the quiz is done right of having strong brand awareness because now that person who's been through a quiz has already seen your logo. They've already gotten familiar with you. They've already decided that there's some level of trust and credibility and their treats and so when they get this phone call and it's from Jackie, let me get New Relic and they just have a quiz with New Relic yesterday. And I know the things that they're struggling with it's much more exciting and impactful for that Prospect to say, yeah, I'll give you a shot. I'll hear you out. I'm interested. Obviously. That's why I took the quiz in the first place. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, that's awesome. Okay. Well, I I love that idea. I think it's an awesome strategy people can can try it. I think I might try to get our marketing team to do it will have to figure out a good quiz. So when you guys were making these quizzes was it you mentioned it was like a mix of like fun questions and then the questions with the information that you guys needed. Where did you strike the balance? They're dead. It really depends on the tone of your company and what you're trying to accomplish. So, you know, there are quizzes Which are typically like under five questions are usually pretty light and are more. Of funnel just generating that awareness do assessments which are a little bit more mid funnel which is when you're really just kind of going and you're asking 25 questions and trying to get a little bit more serious one quiz, we did at my last company. We were we basically helped small medium businesses with their blogging strategy. And so we made a quiz that was how much for blogging strategy would you say that you're you know, a seed a little plant or a full grown tree. Would you say that your blogging strategy is mostly you know, sending an email once a week once a month or once a year. And so some of the questions for us just gave us insight into what they were currently doing. But for them it was also fun to be like, oh what am I am? I am mature. Am I this and I thought so long Jim's were a little more well-rounded to be engaging and user-friendly. Yeah, I like it's like the the hopes about you. I think they still do it the website grader, you know, like you're going to get a great way to see where you fit. That's why you plug it in they get a lead and you know, they'll put start nurturing you but I like the offer, you know, see where you are where you stack up. It's a great way to engage people with the just a low entry point not a high commitment of hey, I'm going to email the sales rep back and then they're going to try to sell me. You know, like let me just do the quiz and then you guys can determine does this look like they're a fit and then we can start some Outreach and they're also somewhat familiar with us already. Yeah, and it's really good. It's just a really good way to bridge that gap between sales and marketing is marketing is trying to bring in the right leads and sales is trying to work the right leads. And so this does a really good job of bringing in a handful of qualified people and then simultaneously letting the SDR is in a e squall. I from a high-level do they match our criteria? Should I work this is this worth my time?

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