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Everyone. This is David sparks joined by my fellow Co host your friend of Mine Mr Stephen. Hackett as. David how're you today? Good this outlying got a little crazy. I'll just say I feel like. Some shows come together easy some shows come together heart and this one. has been the fruits of many hours on my behalf and it's not just research for the show I've been looking at these. APPS for myself. I've mentioned on the show in the past that I was goofing off with Rome research. And we thought well, let's do kind of an overview show some of these research apps, not just Rome but some of the others we've got several on on the docket for today. And I had an interesting experience in preparing for the show actually found myself kind of switching to a different APP so. That's kind of fun when that happens. Yeah I just got back from vacation and I literally went to the mountains to the woods but I came back and yesterday opens. Google Doc. Because I have some thoughts on these APPs and some experience with them as like, oh I may have just come back from vacation but David went to the mountaintop know what I'm saying. Well it's like I have a a Saturday schedule you know I take care of like processing all the household mail and all that stuff and Saturday morning and I said, well, I'll just go into the outline for a couple of hours and then I basically spent the whole day. Yeah But the but we have some of these APPs deserve full shows and we will be getting back to them like one of the APPs we're not going to cover in great detail the days notion all explain why but I'm actually working right now on landing a really good guest that gives a whole notion so. Before you start firing up your email machine getting angry because within cover your research APP of choice. Distrust us that This is an interesting and evolving topic that will will be getting more coverage. And it's one that's become a lot more interesting even in the last year or so some of the ones we're going to look at our very, very new and yeah and then you have on the other hand, you have things like. Devon think or evernote, which was not covering but people would ever know does that have been around a really long time? It's just so interesting to me that in a category of APPs that. Seems like there'd be plenty of opportunity in options for for any user that developers are still finding places in the market where they can. Carve out their own. Little. Corner, and some of these newer APPs are very opinionated in that as we get through them, I think you'll see what we mean but it's an overview. We're definitely going to circle back with some of these in greater detail in the future. One of the things that of came out of the research for this one was that you know research APPs is a very generic term, but there are very different types of tools like Devon thank is that's a library tool I mean you put. PDF documents and everything in it, and it does artificial intelligence to help you tie things together. Of these other APPs we're going to cover are basically notes APPs but they've come at it from a new direction in terms of ways to Lincoln notes together that make them more useful than a historical note up so they they really do scratch different inches but anyway I think I've done enough apologizing before we even started the show but. It's really It's an interesting area and you're right. There's a ton of evolution going on and it's very exciting as a nerd Dec- things developing like this So it'll be definitely an ongoing topic and the other thing. The other caveat I put the top of the show is we are also in the midst of planning and Academic Research Show, I'm not an academic near Stephen. we've been to college I went to graduate school, but it's not the same thing as people who make their living writing papers as academics and. We've got a couple listeners, slash guests plan. That are really going to help us cover that topic. So like the bibliography tools and things like that, we're not going to get into today but will into that. So so don't get mad at me if you're an academic. This sparky guide talking research I'll give me a break. The Way I think about these apps like who I think therefore are people like you and I and I think a lot of our listeners who are sort of like knowledge workers where we have a lot of. Information that we need to process and store and refer to later when you system to manage all of that I. think that's what these APPs are. After that you can't use them for those other things, but that's kind of how we're approaching them because that's how we use them. Yeah. But there's another level to it, and this is where Rome opened. My eyes and that is a lot of the stuff I do is text based I, write down notes and thoughts and do tons of research were dragging text out of one place or another summarizing articles. We talked a little bit recently, my read Weiss workflow out of you know out of books, and so there was there was a place missing for me. And the real question I think in hindsight that I was looking to answer when I kind of started this journey was, can you program Sir Deputy? You Know Ken you have an APP, will you start putting your thoughts into it and make it have it start trying to make connections? You can just like the synapses of your brain connecting. And the answer is kind of, yes you can and so I think it gets beyond the mirror cataloging but also gets into connections and That's what makes this so fascinating to me. The another thing I found out throughout this process is it really feels like the old windows versus Mac world where there's a bunch of people that are like choosing sides and that is I can't think of anything more stupid than getting partisan over a research APP but apparently, some people do that you know and. And I in general because I've been debbie my toes and a bunch of them and I found the communities around each one of the most of these do have communities around them are very accepting helping but they're also a lot of them. There's certain you know voices in these communities like Oh that APP is bad. Now they're they're all pretty good on saying anything that makes the cut on a Mac uses episode is there because we think it's worth looking into we're not going to waste your time with junk. So. There's there's good apps here and and I didn't know how to really break it down but I thought well, you know research. APPS were things there to help you find things. Fundamentally. has you think and connect you no stray threads between your ears. You know find ways to make connections between things. I'll I'll use a very simple example. So I started studying like Buddhism in like the eighties and you know I'm not going to get into religion on the show Blah Blah but the but I do think there are useful pieces of Buddhism. So I take notes when I read books and I've got these notes news mini mini textiles with the notes but then recently I reading about how everybody is into. STOICISM, I'll check it out and it was interesting to me that as I was taking notes, some of these APPs were connecting elements of those two different theories. One is eastern one is western, but the APPS were trying to connect them for me and I'm like, yeah that's the kind of thing I want something where I can take notes on different ideas and have the APP try to connect them for me. So I'm not looking to replace my brain, but I'm looking for a little help you need what you can get. A book I read that kind of influence.

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