Death toll reaches 39 in quake that hit Turkey, Greek island


Rattles turkeys Aegean coast And north of the Greek island of Samos. More now, from CBS's Holly William's massive quake left his apartment block teetering, then crumbling. We still don't know how many people may have been crushed in in their their own own homes homes in in a a country country that's that's infamous infamous for for poor poor quality quality construction. construction. Be Be quiet! quiet! Shouted Shouted the the man man filming filming this this video. video. We We need need to listen for survivors. Yukata is a high school principal who told us she's safely evacuated all her students trying that the building almost collapsed. You told us it was like hell on the coast. The quake triggered a tsunami washing away yachts on tonight. Rescue workers are searching through the rubble for survivors. As well as bodies. Holly William's CBS News London,

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