Kamala Harris. You're not going to be the president of the Senate. You're not going to be the vice president.


The green new deal is insanity. Then there's 100 Binders Biden scandal, which is really unbelievable. And so when the issues are has the president Helped or hurt the economy until February or March. It was the best economy in the world, and we're going to early on New Hampshire generally reports by eight or nine o'clock eastern time. Of New Hampshire is a landslide one way or the other. We're gonna know something. Next up was Virginia. They shut down the poles at 6 P.m.. If there is a large and normally Virginia now is democratic, right? If it's a close vote, or if Trump wins, that is going to be a landslide. The other stayed to watch, of course, is Georgia. They shut down at 7 P.m. Eastern time by 10 or 11 o'clock we're gonna know about Georgia. So if Trump holds his own in New Hampshire, Close in Virginia and wins Georgia. Guess what? Joe Biden, You're not going to be the next president Kamala Harris. You're not going to be the president of the Senate. You're not going to be the vice president. And so I think, despite the efforts of the mainstream media to make sure that Trump is unelectable, all of us see through the charade and understand that we don't want our community's overrun by antifa and black lives matter. All the cities have burned where Democratic cities And the president stood for safety and the Democrats stood for defunding police and the economy will be again next year. Damn good. In fact, if Trump is in office I would anticipate a 25 to 30% increase in the GDP is going to be fabulous. Next year, however, if Joe Biden wins, and he patched the U. S Supreme Court Let's in 11 million illegals. Medicaid for all, including illegals, who have paid nothing into the system You pay for that America could enter into a massive recession or depression. It's going to be very ugly. I'm telling you now, The American people are not stupid. We understand with CBS in 60 Minutes and the Wall Street Journal and others have done to this president and we're not going to put up with it. Go back to the calls Blind becomes available. You know the routine 8666477337. Florida is another one that maybe called early. Obviously a Florida goes to Joe Biden. I'd be in a state of shock. But if that happens, it's

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