Bipartisan group of senators announces $908 billion stimulus plan, aiming to break logjam

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On. Roy joins us with the latest. And maybe her rendition of a christmas carol. I don't know you know it's up to you. I do love the christmas season. Joe and what democrats are doing right now is trying to make the christmas season a little bit more mary. For unemployed workers there is interest on both sides of the aisle in breaking this logjam on capitol hill surrounding neta virus. Relief package and today more than thirty democrats are getting behind a new push to extend expiring unemployment benefits for twelve million workers before they go away at the end of the year. Virginia senator mark warner is leading this effort with a letter to the leadership of both parties. That says letting these payments lapsed during the holiday season would be cruel and that it would hit the services sector and the art especially hard. The letter says these workers are all facing job loss. It has nothing to do with their skills abilities or performance now there have been some preliminary conversations in the senate on bipartisan measures. That might be able to pass alongside the government funding bill next week and so this letter is just one indication. Democrats appear to be coalescing around the problem of what they're calling the benefits cliff also today senators ron wyden and sherrod brown the top democrats on the finance and banking committees as well as colorado senator michael bennet. They're unveiling bill that would extend these expiring provisions and it would also reinstate that six hundred dollars in enhanced unemployment benefits that has been more controversial and has been one of the sticking points in these broader negotiations surprise. This could be a sign that democrats might be willing to accept something smaller than that to you. Trillion dollar deal

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