A highlight from 458 - Bloody Williamson


I david athenee. Rita story from american history to my friend gareth reynolds who has no idea. What the topic is going to be about. Why why unwound by the way. Why y y y y y y how many like over four hundred fifty sweet. You would think that at some point i would know the introduction. Yeah you'd think but but to be fair. It's not like this is you. You saying the all things comedy channel which is weird but that a lot of times you forget your name you forget. Does little things maims. I'm really bad with names. But it's your name right but now but to be fair. I'm very bad with names. Yeah i've read that on twitter. Yeah but you would think you would know how to do. Your own is what i'm saying. So right but just names in general. You understand what i'm saying. Yeah like. I think you're just doing that. So that if people come at you for pronunciations you go. Hey sometimes i don't even know my own name called the folk jam. Patch fucking guy. They've okay gary and this is not gonna come like five part. Hit him with the puppy present. Arguments action done my friend.

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