Court Rules Majority Of New York City Traffic Signals Violate Americans With Disabilities Act


Who are blind won a case to get some help and safely getting around New York City that they had the fight for in court. Why don't traffic makes it more difficult for the blind to navigate busy city intersections as Laurie Sharpe, who also relies on other pedestrians for help? Because of the pandemic do not have access to the same level of pedestrians that they had nine months ago. A. Scharf is a plaintiff in a lawsuit to get the city to install more of these called accessible pedestrian signals off. Federal judge ruled in October that the city must install many more of these signals to give the sight impaired equal access to city streets. That's the great irony of Vision zero, says Attorney Torrey Adkisson. You know, the administration has been rolling out all of the efforts. Tonto improve pedestrian safety without making those improvements accessible to people with disabilities, and, in fact, in in the case of leading pedestrian intervals. Making the intersections last successful and more dangerous for blind pedestrians. The technology is not new actors and says the first audible traffic signal was installed in Queens in the 19 fifties. On the Upper West Side. Marla Diamond. WCBS news radio 8 80,

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