Why are health authorities still struggling to communicate?



I'm helter for teigen. Tayla and opposition journalists daughter. Norman swan tuesday the first of december and this time a year ago there was a virus circulating in hubei province just starting to reported probably sprayed from mid-november and things are just gathering pace under the radar one year ago. We'll have to deep dive into the early days of the virus. But not today norman. Okay hold myself back well. The last couple of days have been a role ride again in adelaide. Norman we've heard about a man who was out and about with covid and there were question marks about whether he should have been an isolation or not and the communication seems a bit messy. And it's been a bit hard to know what he was expected to do. Or whether he understood what he was expected to do. And even now i can't really make sense of what he was expected to do whether he knew it or not. How do we make sense of these sorts of things and if we can't communicate it well then. How do we know that people actually know what to do. Yeah i think what you're seeing here is an early forgetfulness. If you like of the key message from this pandemic throughout deploy doesn't matter really what country you're in is that if you've got consistent messaging from the leadership in other words political leadership and your public health dealership then people trust that and the follow it and hopefully that advice is solid and australia by large. It has been solid. So that from prime minister to brandon murphy and from dana andrews and brett sutton and alan chang and so on so in other words. You've you've had your good synchrony. We've had very policies in australia in terms of lockdown okay. They've been controversial. But communication has been fairly consistent now in toria the data looked they were transparent but the actually weren't that transparent sometimes very hard for us to make sense of what they were actually saying. And i think that reflected robin name being deliberately obscure. It just reflected the fact that they're contact tracing was in a bit of a mess and therefore the really have good data to pass on. So now you've got this situation and it's very important to remember this because support for the next pandemic important if the coronavirus comes back in australia. Such as you've had in south australia is that surfaced jones behaviorally well differently. They've come forward to be tested however a wobble like this does create a problem for community understanding because the temptation here of course is to victim blame. Oh there's this guy and he's out in a boat and probably even imply that yesterday on corona cast. He's been out of the boat. What a decayed during this and so on and so forth it turns out. He's actually behave quite well. And if there was confusion over communication that confusion has been all levels the understanding. We seem to have got yesterday. Was that he in fact was a casual. Contact was told to wait until he was tested. He was tested. And i said we got the result. The result was negative so he wasn't in quarantine and then he was told to get another test at eleven days which apparently was positive and it was while he was positive that he was out in a boat. I'm not sure that the nudity was positive but he was out in about roundabout that period of time. So it's just another example where you're creating danger when you're not sure of your facts and and you jump in people us we jump into and but we are assuming that the information is accurate. Not making any excuses about this is just another lesson that how the authorities communicate is essential to the control of the pandemic and to this one. Because it's not over yet

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