New York City congestion pricing tolls may start as late as 2023


Pricing his stalled and I might not get a jump start for another two years. There's WCBS reporter Steve Burns. The M T A is scrambling for every dollar it confined right now, it was hoping to find quite a bit of money with congestion pricing charging drivers south of 60th Street in Manhattan. We get that new trains new bus is modern signals accessible stations but then freed with the advocacy group Transit Center, says the Trump administration never gave the needed sign offs. We think that Biden administration will be much friendlier to this program. So freed says it was a bit surprising to see the empty now project that the program may not get up and running. Until 2023, he says it's on Governor Cuomo to push harder for it. You need to see urgency. I think if we do see urgency from the governor, especially this could get moving much faster than a 2023 timetable. Cuomo still has yet to pick members of a review board tasked with setting up the rules around congestion pricing. The M T. A says in a statement. It's waiting on further guidance from the feds on the review process before getting a better idea of when the program can start.

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