Metal monolith discovered in Utah desert mysteriously disappears


In Romania after a similar structure disappeared from a desert in Utah. It's 13 FT. Tall and NBC's Tom Rivers is live with us this morning on the model with Hunt has so Tom are these two structures connected the one in Utah and the one in Romania. They may be. And if you look at the pictures closely, they're not the same now objects so maybe you gotta got a crew of Banksy type artists out there working on this one. Just Trying, you know, trying to be funnel us. As we approach the end of this arguably worse year of most of our lives. Yeah. You gotta throw this in at the end of 2020. Why not get rid of it? Exactly. So the model has appeared in Utah, and then it was gone. And didn't the park service there say we didn't take it. We didn't take it down. Yeah, exactly. And it wasn't like it was like disappeared. Miraculously, they apparently concede that there was some disturbance of the soil. So somehow it was Physically taken out of there on this one, though, is interesting. Because you know that one was kind of the back of beyond Unless you're a shepherd or Ah, old Explorer. You're not gonna find that one. But this one is On the hill of the town and Romania Theater. A neat and people are watching it and probably, you know, you should get those little little animal cameras get one of those on it. So if Anything happens to this thing. You can capture it and put it on YouTube. Okay, So So, Tom is we understand it. Nobody

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