The NASDAQ is up 187 and the S and P is up. 50 points


In Chicago land a little more sunshine later this afternoon. We might see some more. And then tomorrow we'll all see the sun. Tomorrow's high 46 Today Just 35 degrees for the high right now. 30 at O'Hare, the windshield makes it feel like 20. Degrees at 12 30. This'd Chicago's all news station news radio 7 81 5.9 FM wbbm new business Our continues Good afternoon. Thanks for joining us. I'm Cisco, Kodo. These are the top stories on NewsRadio, wbbm. Doctors of the Centers for Disease Control put together a plan to distribute vaccines for Corona virus they expected arrival of those vaccines boosts hope for economic improvement It's traveled Tuesday. The U. S government warns Americans against going to Mexico as CO been cases in that country continue to rise. It's the usual time of year for company holiday parties will learn what's going on in a pandemic world. WBBM business. The Dow Up 275 points. The NASDAQ is up 187 and the S and P is up. 50 points Oil down almost 2% lot of clouds lingering in Chicago land heading to a high of just 35 degrees today. Right now. It's 30 degrees with a wind chill that makes it feel like 20 government panel is expected today to

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