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I did a hair mask. Anna face masks face mask. You and i just get sent so many products like try them out or we have a lot of partners. Obser- fab define like always puts a ton of stuff and their boxes full speed products. So it was something macho facemask. I just use that. And then i use the hair mask from function of beauty. I use all of our partners. And i just had a night in a gentle probably ohioan. It's not real but it looks like it'll be could anyways so i met merch. We told you guys the deadlines to get stuff by christmas. I'm for domestic shipping. That's the united states or by december abe international december six. We can't guarantee those dates. Those are just what we're hoping for that. We work with our filming team to make sure you guys get everything you want by those dates so obviously those to almost past everything we can in our control to make sure the get those time if you have any questions we have a contact form on the website the merge sites so please use that for merch questions. Don't damage questions. Support will get right back to you and thank you for all your guys tagged and all the stuff. It's really exciting. The stuff that seems to ship really quickly are the hat so if you want something last minute. That's a little more last minute. A baseball yeah. Baseball hats beanies. And you've cards guys so if you want that. It's under the accessories tab on our website on girls getty podcast dot shop guy gift card. They always fit and they always deliver on time. That's a great idea. Yeah like if you're if it's really close to christmas. And you just want to give somebody. Something and deadlines are passed. The gift card stores great great. We've done stuff you guys. You look so cute and merge ashley in iraq and all the time so thank you orders. And i think that's all my marched off right. Yeah that sounds about right ashes. Like what else can she not asking the wrap it up. That's it thank you for your orders and then spotify spotify released. They're like twenty twenty wrapped where he says. How what you listen to this year. In terms of music in terms of podcast. How many hours what your top songs were your top podcast. All the stuff and we get an onslaught tags and our instagram stories at night. So yesterday at the tagged and stuff it appears the top of your like like account and all of a sudden. I was tagged in ninety nine plus instagram stories. And i was like god this is. It's finally happening. I posted a new by accident. What did i put on the internet. What is happening. What just came out about me like holy shit. I'm cancelled funny. You were like. I just got tagged in a million things. I realize it was spotify. Said i thought. I posted a new. I mean i feel like i would be proud. I don't care. But i want to control the new. They draw attention to yourself but on your own terms. I still have this new just in the bank from february. Will you please just post. won't i. just don't i'm not going to randomly integrion. I'm not. I'm just it's not for me. Everybody live your truth. You included with your soukina brad store bought but i i don't know somebody will see a one day you you know. You made a comment to me though. Like about like posting stuff like that. Because i had this photo of myself. That's kind of saudi. That i loved and one of the beautiful body from spanks that i love. I'm talking about a couple episodes ago minimize or brought people keep asking also from spanks. This body bodysuit. I had a photo in these other. Shorts and i had a photo without the shorts. And you and you were like what's the point of posting something completely naked. Basically on your instagram. So put schwartz onto another phone. Well okay. i'd be like do i room to talk. I just posted bikini pack. I don't know but it was also like i was on a boat to me. I'm always just boyfriend. Yeah i felt like that's what you want somebody to see in private am also live your truth. Do whatever poster boudoir pixar instagram. Live your truth. I just asked you like. What's the goal here. You know what. I mean because like at that point you kind of had a crush on somebody and i'm like if the goal is to impress him. I don't know that that's going to impress him. That you post this for half a million people. I have more what it wise. It was like if i was single. And i wasn't interested in anybody talking anybody. I probably would have been more apt to paul because it was just clearly attention. I wanted to put the shorts on and say it and he said to me like that's really something about being really sexy. And i was like i saved one for you without pants on. Oh yeah perfect. It's very funny because people like i'll post something like the post a bunch of bikini packs but i have these ones that i've posted a couple of times and people are like girl who you thurs trapping for.

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