A highlight from 565: The 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

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A sudden as a friend told me recently. I'm ready for twenty twenty to be over so that's a step right. Yeah holidays are a step towards that. It's snowing here in memphis right now. Which is very strange just flurries. Nothing wild is other thing plus snow not usually every couple of years. We get like a day where we had a couple of inches but even flurries a rare. So it's my kids think they're gonna get out of school tomorrow but it's like y'all are doing school virtually. I think you're still going to have school. Also is just flurries but they do get have snowball fights. That's kind of fun. I don't think it's going to be that much snow. Okay well looks pretty but then it melts and it's like one of those communities right whether it's like no infrastructure i know. Oh my gosh. In the every couple years situations where we get an inch and a half or two inches of snow everything shuts down. Because you're right. There's the city has like a handful of salt trucks or sand trucks. Or whatever like once snowplow but to like the second you outside the city. I mean memphis set in a very rural environment. I mean i can drive twenty minutes and be in dislike hundreds of acres of farmland places. It's two lane roads and that sort of thing and so school buses can't go down safely. The schools close. We're just not cut out for it here. Yeah well have fun with that. Really great using crutches across

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