Astronaut Kate Rubins cast her ballot from space, joining millions of early voters

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Americans. Exercise their right to vote from all over the world and this year one American will do. So from space this is innovation. Now bringing you stories of revolutionary ideas, emerging technologies and the people behind the concepts that shape the future astronaut Kate Rubens will be casting her ballot from space for the second time in her career kate occur an expedition sixty, three, sixty, four, crew member was serving on the International Space Station during the two thousand sixteen election as well on election day the county clerk who manages elections in Kate's Home County in Texas will work with a team at NASA's Johnson Space Center to uplink a secure ballot. Kate will. receive a separate email with credentials from the county clerk allowing her to access the ballot. Once her vote is cast, the ballot will be down linked and sent back to the county clerk who has a unique password required to open it. The process is quick and secure as NASA prepares for missions to the Moon and Mars. The agency will continue to ensure that astronauts like Kate can fulfil their civic duty to vote no matter where in the solar system they happen to be on election day

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