The Skeptics Guide #798 - Oct 24 2020


Roll the die on your on your finger, you can make it look like you're changing the numbers I. Mean Randy was this having fun new he? He did it and he did but he did everything that he did was so meticulously flawless his his close up. Magic. magic was thin tastic. He could be sitting right next to you. And Be. Doing. Amazing close up magic sleight of hand everything. He was just you just you know. Truly talented but. But you know my. My memory of randy is just always that he was such a sweet. HONEST LEGITIMATE Hard fighting person genuinely caring. Ever cared I think I ever saw him raise voice or be angry or cross with anyone In all the years that I've known them in j you mentioned towns and of the towns that I. Really truly admired about Randy was a his his ability to cut to the bone in terms of like testing acclaim. With his million dollar. Challenge, he would devise methods to very simply and very easily not nothing elaborate this very simple, very easy way to completely blow anyone's claim out of the water. If it were false and like he would like he had one guy who was doing telekinesis and. Johnny Carson Johnny Carson. Eat, I remember one specifically where he Johnny Carson was hosting some Tele Kinetic claim to be telling Connecticut and I think Randy was involved or suggested or even might've even been there. But he said put the packing popcorn all around on the table and if there's any wind, you know because he he thought he was using some like subtle wind being produced from his. Yeah. Just basically blowing and and when you put when you saw those popcorn things there he couldn't do anything concordia courtesy paradis such sour banished actually randy was at that. Okay. Cool. There Randy came out and prepared for each one of the guys stunts and he foiled. On that, show the guy, the guy who said he was metallic and spoon stick to his body went over there. Put a little powder on his skin. Okay. Now do it gone? Access Right. I've got a magnetic field detector. I know just put powder on his facing you're done. That was a beauty was a magician. Yes know how the details of how these things work. You also know how to foil them right right because. Also have to learn how to have their tricks not fail, which gives you the knowledge of how to make them fail. And Randy did project Alpha. This was I think in the seventies and he showed that That, you could fool. World class scientists would simple parlor tricks. And it perfectly illustrated critical thinking because just because you're a scientist just because you're intelligent are skilled at any one thing whenever that one thing is doesn't mean that you have skill across the board and that is a huge problem with people who are highly educated is that they can easily fall into the trap of thinking. Well, I'm I'm smart. So therefore, you know I can't be fooled by a teenager. These were teenagers you put in front and. Check. Was One of the was one of the two people that were pretending to have psychic powers and they totally bamboozled the scientists. Yeah. Using things and tricks that they thought were not only impressive. They said, they didn't even think that these scientists would fall for them. That's how that's how simple effectively they thought they were yet still happened. Also ready. told them if they ever ask you if you are connected to James Randi. Tell them. Yes. If they ask you are you are you doing tricks say yes never lie any question they ask you answer completely honestly and they never asked right simply never asked. What is an experiment in psychology that is? But he was he had the insight to to do those things. He was able to organize and make those things. Happen I mean one of the biggest stunts that he did was he created a psychic he created a fake psychic at a man persona around him. He fooled the nation he fooled entire nation and it was a big deal. It was like so randy randy new pack a punch when it came to delivering his message with clever ways. Yes we're we're just hearing about this, and this is just off the cuff reaction to the news, but we will have time to come up with something for next week something more formal So we'll definitely, I just can't deal with this. In one episode we'll talk talk more about randy next week but for now, let's go on with the rest of the episode we're going to continue with the episode that we planned on doing. we're going to start with some news items and Bob or starting with you. About scientists mapping the proteome? Yes. Yes. Where's the podium? Proteome project has released its first draft and you should be happy about this. Should be happy listen and find out why see if you agree with? This news comes from an international research team including professor, Chris Overall from the University of British Columbia and it was published August sixteenth in nature communications, check it out. So you'll remember the Human Genome Project Right from twenty years ago. That was that was an exploration of sorts right as an exploration, every bit as important and potentially more. So than anything Magellan Columbus ever did in my opinion. It mapped the entire sequence of a human genes, the recipe for person if you will, and that was willing good but the genome project was never meant to be that the be all end. All right. It was just really a first step. The next logical step. One of them anyway was to look at the most important discreet bits that are genomic recipe codes for all the proteins critical to life that are genome has instructions to create, and that is the proteome. That's exactly what the podium is now for a loose analogy. Apple recipe say or or unlisted ingredients maybe more accurately then the proteome is. Meson plus and for you culinary Phyllis Philistines. Was One hour ago. Thank you. Liz that's the preparation and creation of the crucial sub components at work together to make the final product. Final product, of course, these proteins and in. One biologic component that epitomizes life I think it's safe to say that it's probably proteins for easily these strings of hundreds or even thousands of remained amino acids are among if not the most abundant biological molecule and with a diversified range of functions unmatched by any macromolecules they can be used for so many different things could be structural or protective that could be used for transport or storage as membranes or enzymes, or even toxins all of. Those things and more I would say that evolved earthlife is in many ways, interacting proteins and identifying all those proteins all of them. Every last one is what the proteome project is all about. It started in twenty ten. That's ten years after the Human Genome Project finished. So now it's been twenty years since the end of the Genome Project and now for ten years they've got a they've got the most of this Rodeo mapped now. I found this interesting wasn't aware of this researchers identified five levels of supporting evidence for protein existence. So when you look at any protein of all the thousands of proteins that they basically matt or described, there's it had they have a number each one has a number one to five basically and. A protein existence pe. So Pe one, that's the gold standard. If you have a protein, that's eighty one than that level indicates that you have clear experimental evidence for its existence. No essentially. No doubt that that protein does in fact exist. But then when you down the line of two is a little bit less conclusive pe three and four even less so and then when you finally get to these p. e. two, three and four those who called the mid they're called missing proteins colloquially. Missing Proteins P Five, basically that that coating evidence is very doubtful. It's probably mistake like for example, if somebody did a very poor translation of a non coding elements from the genome, the that's probably probably doesn't exist but two three and four could exist especially to and the goal is to basically get them all down to P ones. So this first draft. Release of the podium contains p. e. one level evidence. Then for ninety point, four percent of the predicted human proteome to ninety percent over ninety percent of the of these proteins have were at pt one they are solid.

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