Why B2B Copywriting Matters, Really Matters

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Some respects copywriting is the Samsung Karo of digital marketing. It doesn't get as much attention as video and photos but words matter on today's show. I'm talking with Eden badani a conversion copywriter an acquisition strategy just force aztech and D to see companies. Welcome to marketing's bargain. Thanks for having me Mark is it's great to be here. So what is a conversion copywriter and acquisition strategist do all right, so long and copywriting. We're really looking at at the kind of the whole spectrum of copywriting. It's not specifically it's not direct response copy in the way that we're really trying to push towards sa life rather looking at every every kind of customer touchpoint throughout the final of throughout the sales cycle and look at optimizing the copy at that specific point to help Drive conversions. Not just not. Yep. Just to lift conversions at that point in the final but to actually drive greater conversions across the the entire Spectrum for whatever reason copywriting is getting more attention these days as someone who is not a writer by profession words have always been important to me and copy has always been at the core of what I do but it is interesting to see high profile marketers like Dave Gearhart talk about why copywriting is so important. So why do you think the spotlight is being Sean on copywriting these days I think with all the crazy things that are going on in the world of home right now. I think we really realizing just how much we actually depend on written communication more than video more than other things. It's texted emails. It's like messages. It's SMS as we are just where I using so much more written communication now more than ever, even though even if we do with into that as well video and other forms of media, it's just it's really shiny. It's really help bringing birth. To the Forefront that if you're not if you can't communicate clearly if you can't get across what you're saying and if you can't ensure that your message is optimized in a way so that your audience receives it in the way that you intend it to come across then it's it's just going to fall flat that's sort of the the current situation has really brought copyright into the into the spotlight. It is interesting that when you look at platforms like Instagram and Snapchat and Tick Tock video and photographs are seen as a proverbial spell the ball. Everyone loves video. Everyone looks great photographs, but words are kind of like the workhorses not terribly glamorous. I'm curious about why am I people are recognizing the value of words do they suddenly realize that words make a difference as it's harder to differentiate yourself are words becoming increasingly more valuable. I think words are pretty much always been like you said the the unsung hero, I mean a picture they say, you know, it falls back to the old saying a picture's worth a thousand words, but you don't have a caption for that picture. If you don't give have an explanation or something to support that picture, it lacks context and so copyrighting adds multiple layers of context. So you can have a beautiful image you can have you know, and an amazing engaging video but it copywriting is such the words have been the messages that are that are sick, if you know kind of enshrined or encapsulated in the visual the concepts of the messages and the the deeper and the deeper underlying Concepts home that that people want to express through three images and through video. Again, it's really hard to it can be hard to get that message across as a writer. I often think that writing is underrated and undervalued particularly when it comes to the web nor the last few years. The prices for Content marketing is a from a freelance perspective seems to have been dropping but there's a sense that that is changing. Do you share this sentiment that writing is becoming more valuable and that people are putting more value in, New Jersey. People who can write well, or is that just me being biased as a as a professional writer know I think so and the I think a lot of it has to do with the trends in in the gig economy over the last few years. There have been for the probably around the last ten years. There was a prevalence of content houses content Farms or like we kind of content mailbox as we sometimes call them from the writer's perspective that just the purpose. I think it fits into the wider marketing perspective where you look at se things like SEO ten years ago is very very different to what SEO is today where it has a much more technical aspect than it was a lot about key word. There was a lot of keyword stuffing there was a lot of just publishing content that the sake of publishing contract just to rank higher in search engine results of just to to be present online in order to get that attention, but people have realized that it's actually it's not just dead. Having the content it actually has to be good content. It actually has to engage people. It has to really speak to people on a deep level.

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