Trump, Biden campaigns start 10-day homestretch to Election Day


Campaigns with a busy weekend schedule former VP Joe Biden in Pennsylvania today with a rally this hour and Luzern County. Earlier he hosted a drive in rally in Bucks County P Ay, where he attacked the president. I've dealt with guys like Trump my whole life, so many of you Guys who look down on me because they have a lot of money. Guys who inherited everything, got everything in their life given to them and then managed to squander it. Ah, honking war erupted between bite and supporters and those for President Trump. We're hoping to drown out. The former VP is remarks. President Trump was stops today in North Carolina, Ohio, and Wisconsin is first in Lumberton, North Carolina. For the last half a century Joe Biden has been outsourcing your jobs opening your eyes. Orders and sacrificing American blood and treasure and endless and ridiculous Foreign wars president and Circleville, Ohio. Next. He began his day in Florida, where he cast his ballot in West Palm Beach.

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