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What A Day


Apple doing very creative push for people to vote in other news last night, amy conybeare. It was officially confirmed as a Supreme Court justice cemented a six to three conservative majority on the court. She's a third Supreme Court justice that president trump is appointed in his term. The vote was fifty two to forty eight with Senator Susan Collins as the only Republican. No vote very thirsty and rotten this late in the game but whatever she's soon to be former senator. It was followed almost immediately event at the White House where just a few weeks ago and introductory ceremony for Barrett may have caused an outbreak in Cova cases among high ranking Republicans including the president. This all happened at lightning speed just eight days before November third in while over sixty million people have voted in the election already. And History. Will Record? That? BY BRUTE POLITICAL FORCE In contradiction to its stated principles. This Republican majority. Confirmed a lifetime appointment on the eve. Of An election. A justice who will alter the lives and freedoms of the American people. While they stood in line. To vote. that. Was Senate minority. Leader Chuck Schumer speaking on the floor last night at the confirmation and getting back to the Cova cases in and around the white. House. Into the evenings proceedings, it was announced that Vice President Pence would actually not attend all even while he has continued to campaign despite an outbreak among his own staffers in addition to conybeare it though the trump impact on the courts has been immense for the New York Times he has appointed one hundred, sixty, two district court judges and fifty three appeals, court judges, which is about a third of the federal. Appellate Bench, and so with. Republican odds not looking that favorable at this current moment in the election you have Senate. Majority leader Mitch McConnell making an interesting remark over the weekend in which he said quote a lot of what we have done over the last four years we'll be undone sooner or later by the next election, it won't be able to do much about this for

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