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And I'm trying to learn every day like I'm trying to make it work I'm just trying to be the best self every day and just Get what you mean. Yeah maybe good. Maybe one more thing that made relates to that a little when I was working there like there were a lot of positive people I drew energy from them. I love to work. Surrounded, by positive people because I'm positive as well as just the uncertain time. But. Now that I'm becky her I'm missing like the influe- influence of positive. So put positively in year. I do man that's why I'm talking about. I appreciate Bro so more so more why don't you? Why don't you contact everybody in your phone and send them a Google hangout link and get on Every day at six o'clock for two hours and just shoot positively take the initiative fucked welling fucking. Go all in. You take control you take control you create positively why don't you text all the fucking people that you've found positive and say, hey man, hey, Gal do you WanNa go on zoom tonight? Let's get twenty of our friends together. Think of literally go through your phone from eight fucking Z. and find every positive person you know and send them a link and say see you apm tonight. Yeah. That's a great idea. Well, good. That's what I'm here for. You to. Listen just like I told Nino like your in control like like you want positive people go gathered them. You throw the party you'd like to some party that doesn't exist anymore great go and fucking throw your own party weren't fucking control out here. You're fucking control out here. All right episodes over please leave a review and subscribe up on Apple would be a lot a lot a lot to me. Thank you very much. Hey podcast. Joe From Team Gary here today highlighted review is one podcast necessary by Reicher t the only podcast you need to listen to while you do a you do thanks Reicher t keep those reviews coming. We could highlight yours next.

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