41: Douglas Murray - Heroism 2020: Defense of Our Own Civilization - burst 34

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In the room talked about how brexit and trump with the biggest problems we faced. Because they had least populism and that therefore everything must be done to stop brexit and trump. The. Very, very few people who applied themselves to the long-term question at all and almost never did said the probably long-term the largest challenge was China. And they got to me and I said I'd rather not speak. I'd wait. And the very end of the evening of the hosts said Douglas you've been. On Catchy decidant that's usually a worrying sign. What. What do you think and? I said I said you're all mad We'll completely mad. Yeah. and. Among among much atmos-, you've decided that the general public, the majority of the public must be against. I man it is a dispute about electoral procedure here but of the voting, but we will majority ourselves. But I mean like in my country when the majority of the poem fifty, two percent of the public vote don't go against the majority of the public if you you know. In the position. And into a United States of Europe involving the right and the public said on that said, no, no upsetting how can you not

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