Narrative that Donald Trump is responsible for every ill on planet Earth.


Claim openly that if it were not for Donald Trump, Koven would not exist. Koven would not have killed anybody. Is pagan and narrative that Donald Trump is responsible for every ill on planet Earth. Koven is his fault, not China. If you said Chinese virus, you racist. But if you called it the trump virus, This was just good politics and obviously true. Joe Biden literally said just a few weeks ago that if Donald Trump had done his job, every single human being who died of covert in the United States would still be alive. It's an insane statement. It was crowded forth of the DNC. By the way, they literally put out a video of a woman from Arizona. We said that because her father voted for Donald Trump and believe Donald Trump, he was dead from cold. That's nuts. The vast majority of people in the United States have died from covered. I would bet you money did not die. Having voted for Donald Trump. Because blue states have been hit harder in terms of death and red states have Hey, turns out fighters taking care about your politics, but Democrats, members of media they certainly care about your politics. And so they're going to use the brake pad of Koven to suggest that this nefarious dark forces me asthmatic evil. That is Donald Trump. He goes away. Everything will get better here is Joe Biden suggesting that every death in America Attributable to companies actually attributable to trump. If the president had done his job had done his job. From the beginning,

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