'Chicago Bears Winning Ugly' with Olin Kreutz - Episode 033 - burst 02


They gave Robert Quinn 70 million additives. Okay, the Bears offensive line, we all know needed help so they went on and got Germain ifedi for league minimum. So now now we're not very confused why the Bears all kind is not plain great football game right now, right and it's just even when I when I used to play for the Bears for years people would ask me that question what's wrong with the Bears offensive line and and trying to be a good teammate, I wouldn't say a word but my what I wanted to say, I have you looked at the draft pick since we got here right? Have you have you looked at who we've signed? I remembered 2009 the offensive line was terrible and and I had a conversation with some of the month. We gotta we really need to improve our offense right? We're going to get get color killed here. And so what they did is around the side Julius Peppers, they put another Hall of Famer on a defense of Brian Urlacher and in the club. Discontinue the next year why is your offensive line so bad and I just keep looking at the people would ask the question that they man. I mean, all you have to do is look at draft picks and look at who we sign is free agent and you figure out why we don't play very often decided the line. Yeah, they're buying Toyota's on the offensive line and Porsches on defense. So it's a little it's a little different. Sorry about that chase of go ahead with the exception of the offensive line. Which what other unit on the entire team. Do you think needs improve the most in order for the Bears to validate their their Good Start? You know, what I what I'd like to see an improvement on is David Montgomery just or somebody. I don't know who they'll get artavis Pierce or or Cordarrelle Patterson or so. You know, what I'm getting to is when when all Chris lines does give me your whole you have to hit it right and and here's a problem with David Montgomery, even if you know, I love the way he played he's not going to break two or three tackles and go to the house. So the birth Are missing that kind of player. I'd like to see them improve their with their running game and their offensive line working together. Cuz look at here's the here's the honest truth about the Bears to be honest with you. I'm an expert on it. There's not a lot of talent there and they have to they have to get in a room somewhere and they have to admit that to themselves. So when you don't have to have a lot of talent you you have to be all in by that I mean, you have to contract your details, you have to give maximum effort on every play. You have to be better than the sum of your cock. So when you asked me where they have to approve by position-wise, what they have to do is they have to improve all eleven guys have to be a well-oiled machine artists authors really doesn't have a chance so they have to go in every time thinking this is a gang fight. It's also 11:00 working together to pull this boat on a field do everything right. For example. You cannot on 34 come across the middle and a crossroad like Miller did and then run backwards you can do that. Okay, the offensive line has to be able to recognize run flip pick em up and give their running back or Kris and only way you pick a run place up is you all work together really really? Well. What do you think it's going to take because clearly no matter how many times you win like, you said earlier like all the matters at the end of the day just wait in the Bears have done that so

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