Because the hunter Biden story


Also true that if people start to perceive Joe Biden as a corrupt old Washington crony, which, in all likelihood he is going back, years and years and years, they're all sorts of reports of some hunter making bank off of Connections. The Biden name. This goes all the way back to Joe Biden shilling on behalf of credit card companies while it was picking up checks from some of the people lobbying on behalf of those bills. Because the hunter Biden story is important to the Trump campaign that you're starting to see what looks very much like sort of an organized campaign to go after Rudy Giuliani now, Rudy Giuliani, this is a This is a dude who is likely Teo get himself into trouble on a fairly regular basis. Every Giuliani is a wild character for sure. That is, that is for certain. That's not mean that the media are not willing to run with overtly false stories about Rudy Giuliani. There were two stories about Rudy Giuliani. It turns out that both were basically falls. The first came courtesy of Borat. So bored out apparently. Was Philip's Sasha Baron Cohen, whose films are are wildly overrated, and when I say that wildly overrated I mean, when he's actually I think he's quite good when he's not acting when he's doing the sort of Borat's shtick. It's

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