Episode Seventy-Three: 2020 World Series Check-In - burst 13


I don't know if you saw after the game in the dugout like the trainer kind of talking to them can open them in the dugout. And my wife looks throw up was like well, wouldn't you at this point? Yes, oh no for sure I read something I think it was today or yesterday I don't remember and it said he hyper ventilated and had to get an IV to Kinda help him settle down after all that. which all my good and I've got a buddy who lives in Florida who's been raised fan as long as I've known him, he's just Tampa Sports. Fan. He texted me he's like I. Know You saw that and we were texting. He's like, yeah, I threw up. Like he threw up he's like. What happened Yeah Oh my gosh that's amazing. I through. Diet is so funny. But rogue is fun. One last thing for me on this big now I'll finally let you talk five minutes later. The big thing that I saw from this and Kenley Jansen is not closing for the dodgers anymore and I think this has a big thing to do with it. He was saying I didn't give up a hard hit ball. The whole time is out there and it's like that's not the thing for me for me. The reason you're not closing Mr Kenley Jansen is because that ball was hit. The first thing you did was kneel down on the mound and dig your glove into the ground, and then you finally got up a little bit Kinda Mosey back towards the plate. And you're not backing up your catcher. That's why you're not closing up because that's exactly Abe Roberts can't trust him to come through defensively forget his pitching pitching's been up and down all postseason and they still haven't closing but he can't

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