Urban Legends: College Halloween Scare

Haunted Places


Flying in noted psychic and astrologer from Los Angeles, and she was the main selling point they had collected thousands and charitable donations for the one event. So there was no way they were cancelling. Michelle wanted to sit the night out but sorority events were mandatory enter fellow sister Angela begged her to take a turn with her in the fortune tellers tent. Angela. Had lost her mother the year before and it was particularly vulnerable to this type of Charlatan. She'd leaned on Michelle lamade in the past months, but Michelle was happy to help. Especially, if it meant protecting her from someone who wanted to exploit her pain for money. The Look and feel of the fortune tellers tent was technically the sororities responsibility. But one would think she'd ask for better value in her contract. The tiny tent was flimsy. Be Duct with looking appropriate tip harlequin patterns and Bright Red and purple. A wooden table stood between the fortune teller enter guests. To mismatch dining table chairs were pulled out for Angela and Michelle to sit in. Michelle expected to see a woman wearing fake golden coins and colorful scarves. She thought there would be a thick vague eastern European accent. They would take some wizened women's wrinkly hands and wait for a story to unfold Michelle didn't expect a platinum blonde with Gold Hoop earrings and crisp British diction. The woman couldn't be older than forty two wrinkle said been smoothed away through science rather than magic. She introduced herself as more Ghana mistress of the unknown. Michelle. Short in her head, the look might be different, but the flair was the same. As she lit candles or Ghana walk them through the process, she would place a glass ball on the table and direct them to look inside in this way. And they would be telling their own fortune. She shot a Ryan Lok over to Michelle and told her that letting the guest choose the fortune resulted in less accusations of quackery Michelle wasn't impressed. She was terrible at hiding her emotions. A toddler could have given a cold read on her opinion of fortunes. She would have told Morgon at this but she held her tongue for Angeles Sake Michelle. Looked over at her friend Angela was staring into the ball so hard that wrinkles crinkled across her forehead. Michele, patted her on the back and urged her to go easy Angela made a small cooing sound link. giggled whatever vision she saw she seemed to be enjoying it. Michelle. Had To admit she was a little intrigued. She glanced into the ball, but she didn't see anything inside. More Ghana snapped catching Michelle's attention. She told Michelle that if she wanted a fortune Ben, she could go through the process. This was Angela's Ron of good block. Michelle was annoyed when she was also happy that Angela could find joy in something. The poor girl had been dealing with grief for the better part of a year. If a pseudo magic experience comforted her Michelle wouldn't object. Then, something changed in Angela. Her smile started to level the lines on her forehead became more pronounced. Goosebumps popped up on her skin. Michelle put her hand and Angeles arm. It felt like ice. Michelle called Angeles Name Angela. Mumbled that she was fine but the words lacked their usual pap. She started to shake Michelle turn your IRA to Ghana asking for answers. More. Ghana shrugged she told Michelle that she wasn't responsible for what the spirits shared. She was only the conduit. Their energy powered the ball. She had no control over the rest. Michelle. Didn't believe that she asked Moore to stop. When Moore Ghana SAT UNMOVING Michelle took action. She put her hand between the Ball Angeles face. Angela blinked rapidly before pulling her gaze toward Michelle. A. Angeles stared at Michelle for too long like she was trying to commit each feature to memory. Then she burst into sobs Michelle put a comforting arm around her but her friend jumped back at the touch she did apology and ran out of the tent. Michelle. Turned more Ghana. But kind of regain was she playing Oregon aside then placed her hand on the glass and closed her eyes. She home, they'll brain in her throat Michelle wanted to roller is at the Patrick's, but an IRA will only work when the intended targets eyes were open. But then or Kinda start. To. Frown. Sweat dripped down her perfectly arched brow. She gripped the ball. Tight. High pitched wine left her throat like an injured animal she winston cried shaking violently then she raised the glass mall up and threw it down. Cracking at center as glass shards cascaded across the table. Michelle scream. What more Ghana was still humming with their eyes closed Michelle pushed out of her seat to get help. But she felt a vice-like grip close around your arm. More Ghana looked up at her with clear is still humming that unearthly Michelle asked her to let go and told more Ghana that she'd caused enough trouble for one night she needed to find Angela. More Ghana's fingernails dog into Michelle Skin Michelle tried to shove off but you couldn't. When we're GONNA finally spoke her accent switched from BBC to Brooklyn in an instant. Her voice was grave as she told Michelle that she finally understood what yesterday's vision meant. She knew what was coming A. Shell balked she didn't know what yesterday's division was after the trouble Ghana caused she really didn't care. She retorted that she wasn't interested in what some two bit con artists thought. Then more Ghana said a sentence that would keep Michelle up for the rest of the week if you don't leave here. You'll die. A. Up Next Michelle skepticism is tested by a bump in the night. 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