Episode Seventy-Three: 2020 World Series Check-In - burst 08


Think it's two questions tonight one third ruling good questions. Tonight they are really good questions and actually couple of them caused me some real brain trouble so we're going to. We're going to get into it the first one I'm going to read this from Nick Lorenzo part of our baseball family nine plus VIP groups on facebook. He asks does this record now? He's speaking about Randi arose arenas nine homers in a single postseason that record but we're going to expand upon that does the record deserve an asterisk in a year when every postseason game has been played in warm climate within the so called bubbles instead of the teams home parks, certain factors have been removed. No crowd pressure for visiting teams not having to deal with cold weather which dead ends the ball and same for the same field dimensions. For the entire world. Series. And if you take all the the I love this he says, he says, if you take all the elemental factors out of it, then they might as well be playing xbox. Nick broke. Bernie respond to that last part of the in their. Oh. Quick is the video games are so advanced that they do actually take into effect like taking into account like location like. He, Eh but only as it lasts arena. Happens. What's that only the last three years is that the case though three four, two, zero man I've been playing games for a long time and I feel like. Like. Time I played NCW football was in like two, thousand and ten. And I remember going on the road, some of those games and being like, yeah that's that's not physics. That's home field advantage going against me is what that is. Yeah. Okay. Yeah you know. Down pretty good too. So do they I haven't played the show yet I've got the other one RBI. Oh Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. No I like the show had it down pretty good even in two thousand, nine when I played it last so It's real thing. It's still I. mean he he brings up a good point because you do have control over all of that in an a scenario right? Like in a game you can say for you know this is the weather I want this is the climate. This is where I want game to being laid. And he's right. So. What you, what do you think Brad is this is this closer to xbox. Do Do we need asterisks? On the end of these records because there doesn't this is not the only record being set. No it's not and I mean 'cause. 'cause last night in game five. He set the record for most hits in a postseason and there's going to be there are more to come because he's got at least one more game. Yeah. He's going to over because he doesn't You know this is my this is my thing is that if you WANNA put an asterisk on this because there's going to be ask on the season anyway because in thirty forty years when people are looking back on the record books well, why are they only? Twenty and ten like what happened there there's going to be an asterisk describing

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