How Will Stan Van Gundy Fit With the Pelicans?

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Was a few weeks ago in the ringer NBA show that at the very tail end of the show I recall you saying. Keep an eye out for Stan van Gundy and New Orleans and since we last spoke That came to fruition Stan Van Gundy was hired by David Griffin and the New Orleans Pelicans I think when this all started with the pelicans ouster of Alvin gentry. Through the. Face Tyler had a former relationship with David. Griffin, we talk about my Tony possibly because he had a former relationship via the Phoenix Suns with David Griffin but they do land on Stan van, Gundy as their next head coach when you saw that news come across the wire, would you think great I'm happy I think he could bring some accountability to the team in terms of how much they need it on the defensive end of the floor they were horrific. On defense this season in San Andy. Of course, infamously famously I'm not sure once said build an effing wall and that the Pelicans need to do and I look forward to see what he can do now that he's back in the NBA but by the way like he failed in Detroit because he was coach. Angie 'em now he's just a coach right and he was always a good coach. He was good basketball coach and it was one of those cautionary tales of. It is two different skill sets number one it also in many cases can be two different motivations right if I am if I am the general manager and the coach now let's say I make a poor signing or a poor usage of money will sometimes I may want to use that guy to prove that I was right about this guy right and I know that you Still get into that with with a front offices and coaches anyway, right in in everybody wants to be responsible everybody wants to be right about the move they made. But when you then you're not doing the scouting of every other team on a regular basis, I know you have scouts you're certainly not doing that with college, but it's just a very hard job to do twofold and. Another cautionary tale of taking that over I mean everybody wants that power but I think we've seen two of these guys. Now fact three of these guys. Now, all of which I think you would say were subpar to very below average in that role but. We respect them as guys that are on the sidelines as basketball coaches. That is their expertise in that is doc rivers who took on that role Tom Thibodeau who took on that role and Stan Van Gundy who took on that role and yet got hired as coaches though it didn't go well at their last stops. I mean doc better than the other two but we thought. Hires because these guys are good basketball coaches who were miscast trying to run everything for sure absolutely and ultimately it's another good opportunity for him when New Orleans area there even though they have Zion, they have ingram granted these a restricted free agent. He'll likely back matched any offer sheet or whatever This is still sort of A. Team right now that can go in many different directions depending on how David Griffin wants to build it out and I look forward to seeing the ways in which Van Gundy, Utilize Zion and the ways in which he tries to get him going off because remember you know before all the three point shooting, we've seen the last ten years or so that has. Exploded with the warriors and the rockets and all these teams shooting lot of threes, the magic, Dwight Howard at center and four shooters around him in the late two thousands with anti head coach and they went to a finals. We're going to be lost to Kobe and the Lakers The had some good run they some really strong teams and in with Williamson. With the New Orleans Pelicans, I know they want to add another they don't want to go like all small Wall. With Zion at the five all the time it's it's just went to work but I, think van Gundy's pasts and what he could do now with this roster, it's kind of exciting to think about the possibilities with the different ways in which they can use ion but most importantly though and again, this is like with all the coaching hires we talk about I am more interested in the personnel changes who they draft, who do they try to trade for? Who Do they try to sign I am WHO's coaching the team, but you know I'm excited to see if they're able to get. Zion, going and creative ways that they weren't able to do as much during the season despite his success he posted up a lot man I. WanNa see some more pick and roll with Zion I wanNA see some more creativity with him, handling the ball and running pick and roll, and that will largely come from other personnel changes that come to the roster that allow that to happen. But Hey, man SVG had success with some different types of teams in the past and I look forward to seeing what he can do here with him, and that team has a good roster they under performed badly. Made sometimes teams underperformed because you look at their roster and you go man aol have the goods like that team underperformed I. Think so too. I think of course it I mean look I mean Lonzo I think Lonzo hit one shot in the bubble well, even though they're young that defense was bad even though they had good individual defenders, they've jrue holiday one of the best perimeter guard defenders, Ingraham and Lonzo. They were good defenders of the Lakers. They were the last two years. They were good. They were not good defenders last season with New Orleans. And Zion I, mean he was horrific. He was so bad on defense. It was it was really sad to watch. This is the guy who is blocking three point shots closing out from the opposite side of the paint at Duke just a year prior, which is why people wonder how much of it was fatigue coming back but season how much of it was the injury limiting him how much of it was effort I? Don't know I don't know what it was but regardless. He stunk on defense, and all of this needs to change next season for this team to be anything that have any chance of actually getting into the playoffs it can't be all

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