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We talk so much about the technical right the the bids and the scaly strategies and the rules and and so much that so important right. I'm not taking anything from that. It's critical and i talk a lot about it. But i think what's becoming more and more apparent Hokey agrees this hundred percent rate. So it's more and more apparent is that especially with mood to. Cbo there is becoming a less and less importance on those skills and more and more important on the quality of the product the quality of the offer the barandy the voice. The creativity of the copy like those elements are becoming so much more important. What happens post purchase. The post purchase experience. The customer satisfaction. The up sells lifetime value increases. All that is so important so critical and so you'll see brands and companies. That aren't necessarily great media buying in terms of they don't understand the nuances and they don't tell. The auction works algorithm works. And all this stuff but they have really great videos in really good brand and fun and their ads and humor and they've personality and a great products and they're killing right and so what i want to show tonight me. A quick video is like how we've kind of doubled down on that. With with at least with our info product business my personal grant how. I've kind of really doubled down on brand pattern eruption having fun like here's a i love what i do right i. I absolutely love. I've done a lot of things in my life that i haven't loved that i've done because it's been a way to make money but what i do every day. I absolutely love like i get to tell stories. Relevant essentially i mean that's that's what marketers do we tell stories right. I get to teach people get bring like my lessons to thousands tens of thousands of people on a regular basis And help those individuals achieve their dreams right. Like i'm living the dream. And i realized for a while like the way was marketing didn't reflect. Who was the person. And i wasn't. I wasn't fun with it when i first started doing my courses. You know two years ago. Like i look back at that ad copy and yeah i had some funds snark with it can start up drugs but a lot of it was very good cutter right. I was doing whatever else is doing. Because that's what i'm doing. And i think a lot of us fall into that trap especially when you're in various facebook groups and stuff like we're all looking to find the next big thing we're all following different people and we're trying see like what the person above us doing right because there's all of us have somebody look up to. There's always somebody doing bigger better things smarter than right. That's reality and so. I think a lot of times we neglect our own creativity and our own personality and our own uniqueness because we want to do at that bigger figures doing right so this per person x this is how they're advertising their drop ship product person wide south advertising. Their course they're doing a cookie cutter. Add to a webinar pushing fake scarcity and then they sell in the webinar and they have a retarding sequence where they push the cart clothes and all the copies very you know. Hey you have one day left by my course before the car close. Make sure you get it. Now here's what joe said like it's all so formulaic and listen. I'm not saying that you should never follow the crowd because a lot of times. There's a reason why everyone's doing something one way. Because it works right that being said i think there's varying degrees of that so i think what works for tyler. Open grand cartoon doesn't work for everybody right tyler has greg. Ode have a specific demographic ties demographic might not be the same demographic as years right so you following the same formula of showing off your rented lamborghini and your ended house and money and and things on that might not resonate at all with your target customer or by bringing the wrong customer right and so i think the gist of as i'm sure if you examples ads right now is that like writing ad. Copy should come natural right. I think the reason why people feel like they can't read copy in there. I'm not good writing copy. I'm not good writer and stuff is. I don't necessarily believe that. I think everybody can write ad copy. I think the challenge is when you start writing ad copy for somebody else. Essentially you're writing ad copy for who you think you should be instead of writing ad copy who you are and i think that's what leads a lot of challenges. It's very hard to write from somebody else's perspective right. That's why there's professional groceries out there. The chargers money. 'cause they're really good at that but most of us we can only think talk act like like we've done entire life who we are So if you're marketing your business if you're marketing your course your webinar. You should be authentic to who you are. Don't pretend to be somebody or not because it's very very hard to be successful that way it eventually things fall apart. It's very hard to keep that up at scale and with mass volume. It is very difficult unless you who you are. Changes to match who you are on camera. I've seen that happen but for me like i've realizes okay everybody is is on the guru train and it seems like every consumer personal industry like calls out gurus in has a negative connotation gurus so why as many sunk info products but i want to associate myself with same practices that most people consumers and industry don't like the makes no sense right. What does make sense. Is associating myself with that group in our mutual dislike for another group right. There's few things that bond people tighter than mutual dislike right. So you can bond over things you love and you can bind over things you hate and so by coming out against that lifestyle and that marketing message and the fake scale. All the bull-crap that that those people do people that hate that as well resonate with my message because that's what they think right so this guy thinks the same way that i'm thinking and if he's thinking the same way i'm thinking any addison for products there's no way he's also the bs like those people right so achieved so much by me doing that. It's also pattern erupt like interrupts patterns. And that's the other thing right if you're doing what everyone else is doing. If you're writing copy the same way into the same structure to same formulas the same creative the same video formats all the same stuff. The same cold traffic to webinar cart like it becomes routine becomes like people come blind to it because they see all day long. It's all they say right. So if you mix it up if you start saying the exact opposite surfing polarizing sure you're gonna ruffling feathers ensure you're gonna have people don't like it but that doesn't matter. I don't care if half the half the world hate me. I don't care i find with eighty percent world hating me because i usually means at eight in the world. Hates you twenty. Percent loves right. It's you're polarizing enough to be hated. You're also polarized enough to be loved.

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