A highlight from 053 - The Quiet Soul: Pastor Melvyn Warfield, Jr.

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Mother told me one time. That may be major your height because your height will command respect when your voice can uncle. Melvin i sat down and had a conversation back in september. Twenty nineteen right before. I boarded a plane to spain for the next few months. I was twenty three years old feeling super clueless and thought i talked to the only big brother i ever really had tucson junior kademi only temper so eighth grade graduation temperatures always kinda gave us a sendoff kind of because it was our last year too. I remember After all the eighth graders after they do the grade graduation they call the tenth grade class up. They go through the line and they ask what you're gonna do when you leave. What are you gonna do when you grow up. What's your plan. And and. Of course i'm warfield. So i'm at the end of the line. And they came to me and they were like what are you going to do. And i was just like. I don't know he told me about the time. He was struggling with his own calling. He was the quiet soul the introverted pastor in a world where he realized he could only be fulfilled and doing what he knew he was chosen to do. If you joining us for the first time. Welcome to phil's philosophies a show about life and self-discovery. I'm your host philip. Warfield and this just might be the last episode of season one. Well it's an attorney. I'm so happy you're still here. This final conversations. A little bit more personal. I hope you learn with me. As we learned the advice given from an uncle to few we're talking leadership capital why. He didn't become a lawyer when he was younger why he refused to listen to ariana grande. Day i know pretty ridiculous and plenty more than that. Hope you enjoy today's show. Thanks for being on the show. You're welcome. I'm out here in the middle of the bay area in california i've experienced i've seen the four dollar gas. I mean it's not quite for. I mean you know three forty nine three sixty nine in oakland ford nineteen whatever. It's all good. It's all good. And as they lebron. James fan i have seen several warriors. Jerseys regalia out here. That's a natural part of living in the bay area. So it's very unfortunate part ladies and gentlemen. I'll be honest. I haven't done it yet so you know. They say winning rome. But i have not come over to the To the warriors bench yet which. I'm sure very disappointing for most of my congregation because they are all die. Hard warriors fans. And i'm just. I'm still holding down for cleveland. Even though i love lebron. Like i'm still holding it out for cleveland right now. So that's what we'd like to hear. You are holding it down from cleveland. Because as i know you were born in ohio's born in columbus ohio And do you remember anything about ohio. Not a lick our remember any of it you know i was born when my parents were pastoring in columbus and My dad was pastoring columbus and they move shortly. After i was born so i literally no nothing about columbus like i was born there. I've seen some pictures of the old house. I think that we use living. But i was. You know. I was really young when we left so i don't i don't remember anything and that's pretty much how i feel about tucson however the dope part. I hear a lot of my friends who are from arizona. Well bill there's nothing there i mean. Well i lived there. Though i lived in tucson like this. It's not that bad. So it was wild when i was when i was a junior at pine forge. I think it was my junior year. The wildcats won that year. They were the double champions. Like that was incredible. I was losing my mind. And they were from tucson so that was great. I mean you know tombstone is out there. So if you're wyatt urp fan or whatever my. That's pretty cool boot hill. But you're right. There's probably nothing out there. And you're pretty young. When i was born when you were living in arizona. I came on the scene and you are how all sixteen wow sixteen. I'm forty so yeah. There's the yeah the big year. This this is not real. Cool not so dope tucson dope Being forty not. But i'm looking at my uncle now for everybody. Who's listening and you know. I'm seeing a little bit of gray on his On his beard wisdom yes. That's wisdom don't trip on the great wisdom so speaking of wisdom you have. Now you've lived forty good years you've been in ministry now half your

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