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Chris Van Cleve. Despite the covert warnings, Americans are on the move. Amanda, more than four million have already passed through airport checkpoints. T Essa is expecting today will be one of its busiest since March. Theodora is driving to see her parents in Connecticut. It was a really difficult decision to make, and it's made me think role long and hard about it. But Philadelphia Healthcare workers Samantha Helper and decided this year would be a zooms giving. I'd rather not have them come for this Thanksgiving than risk not ever spending any future holidays with them. CBS NEWS meteorologist You have bear a deli on holiday forecast will be waking up to probably some rainfall in Boston. New York City, So if you're planning on having an outdoor Thanksgiving, it may not be the best there. But the rest of the country is looking really good. South East and also in the Pacific Northwest National Retail Federation says it expects this week sales to top last year's Thanksgiving week by more than 5%, even though fewer people are shopping in person. Southern California Bob West Gate, says he and his wife are going to the stores while being cautious. She luckily sports hand sanitizer on on a regular basis. Commerce Department says consumer spending was up half a percent last month, the weakest rise since April. Latest on the Biden transition, the president elect spokeswoman says he'll announce key economic team members and other nominees next week. Jobless figures show The number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits were up last week. Bankrate dot coms, Mark Hamrick. They're moving in the wrong direction, much the same as the pandemic. 778,000 filing traditional claims an increase of 30,000 on the weak. Can nearly 312,000 filing under the pandemic Unemployment assistance Program Day after the Dow topped 30,000. It's dipped below that now down 1 72. This is CBS News. You could listen to CBS News Radio 24 hours a day, seven

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