PPP60: Leadership in Emergency Medical Services with Rob Lawrence

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Rob is in california by way of richmond. Virginia where we first met and prior to coming into the united states robert completed a military career which we'll hear more about and service to the state as a leader in emergency medical services where he was involved in response and preparation for the london bombing and many more things so thanks again for coming back to the show. Please check out people process. Progress dot com. All the episodes are up to date now. Did some administrative work there. We've got a store bunch of templates good stuff like that. So thanks again for coming back. I really appreciate every listen. Download share review. Please hit that subscribe button. Share it with people that you think this will help. And let's get started with this great talk between myself and rob lawrence three to kevin. It's a pleasure to be here and it's also pleasure to watch. Your career has progressed as well. So yet mental and context as proud parent moment so Thank you for inviting me back. That's absolutely both in the podcasts base. Which we discussed earlier. It's interesting to have podcasts. Or soccer podcasters speakers. And i'm sure we'll get into definitely to learn more in share more with the listeners about public speaking public information. You know i know that's a big part but You know kinda let folks know that don't That listen you know. We have a mix of military public safety project management folks here Kind of where you grew up and your your early days your career and then kind of bringing us to to maybe where you and i met and some other key events that happened before them soap potted life story than okay. That's ooh so as you can tell. I'm from the united kingdom and My career started in the british army. I spent twenty two years on active duty graduate of the royal military academy santos which is the west point on for the uk had an amazing time in doing little pre hospital evacuation medical type stuff and take to the northern the northern wastes of norway and the arctic circles. I don't. I don't both arctic and antarctic circle in my time Pretty much all the way around. The world left the military Then got into civilian hamlet services and anonymous in the national health service for the east of england than the east anglian ambulance services in the uk. Where i was the executive director of operations and then the chief operating officer ben. The cool came to the. Us and are came to richmond. Virginia which is where you and i met kevin and to to the role of the chief operating officer richmond authority and went from a very large uk. I'm with service to richmond. Not that it's not particularly big but actually what it does is. It's a high performance system that does a lot of as you note does a lot of system development and as a ceo. I was allowed to come in. Think and development be creative and on loved that did it for years and then the call came to go get into the point that sector for little bit came across here to california where i live now to the chief operating officer in alameda county. Which if he doesn't know where that is. That's only san

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