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See if she doesn't change your mind, which is really bizarre. We're going to talk more about this coming up, Johnny can Debra Mark has do a woman's body has been found in a park just south of J. P l. In Pasadena this morning. Police said the death was likely not an accident or a suicide based on the injuries. No county in California is in the least restrictive tier of the state system for determining what businesses open and when. Maker of Oxy Cotton, has pleaded guilty to criminal charges and formally admitted its role in the opioid crisis for do Pharma will pay 225 million as part of the deal. Trouble on the 2 10 next. You wake up every morning and you can't say right You wake up. You want to see the headlines you want to read the scroll? Graphics, the restaurant's open or not, Um, I'm going out of business. Well, if you can't see it, and you can't find your glasses where? Here? You're out of luck. You You know what? Forget the glasses. Forget the contacts. Call Dr Charles Bangor At Saddleback I center Dr Manker. As the LASIK procedure. And you will walk out of there with 2020 vision or better, most likely, and I know because it worked for May. You walk into Doctor, your banker's office. First he's gonna make a Gotta make unemployment right? You got a schedule of free lacing exam. When you schedule the free LASIK exam. If you're one of the 1st 10 calf high collars, you will get $1300 off LASIK, a $1300 discount certificate. Then you get the procedure done. Take something about 20 minutes. It doesn't hurt. And you walk away crystal Clear vision. So be one of the 1st 10 Cafe. Listeners down. Schedule the exam. Get $1300 off LASIK call 866559 44 44 866559 44 44 866559 44 44 Southland weather from Ko Phi Sunny tomorrow attempts in the mid sixties to around 70 from the Southern California Toyota dealers Traffic center We make it easy. We have a crash on the 2 10 in Azusa. What's the inside of the cheek entryway? It's Citrus Avenue, where the right lane and unwrap remain closed. Things are really heavy. They're coming away from sunflower eastbound side going to slow down coming away from just about Rosemead Boulevard. Getting into south l, A north and south of the 1 10, beyond gauge got a stubborn crash here taking away the right lane. Something's gonna be slow coming away from the 105 remain slow up in on over to the one on one. You will be heading into cover City north and four of five right before Venice Boulevard. There's direct in the left lane traffic there heavy from lots of Hera and things are slowing down to Riverside eastbound side of the 91. In fact, out of Corona from McKinley over to about Madison, a supporter sponsored by eBay, Okay, if I and this guy helps get you there faster. I'm Jalen. Yes, from eBay Sale lock but don't cost a lot. So tell your all Star it's time for take off with Air Jordans, and that's a sky high prices and get your rock star Dad a Bose

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