College Basketballs Uncertain Return to the Court

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Myron medcalf has been covering college basketball for espn for nearly a decade. So my excitement. I should admit comes from a place of utter ignorance because after eight months of this pandemic after a cancellation of march madness. I have literally no idea myron what to expect from college basketball. At all this season in terms of the virus in terms of what's happening on the floor. All i really know right now. Is that both duke. And arizona announced yesterday that they are postponing their opening games. Because of covid and tennessee's rick. Barnes got diagnosed with corona virus. So let's just begin with tip off tomorrow. What's this all going to look like. Why i think that's the million dollar question college basketball a lot like college football. Most of the games are scheduled to be played obviously cove. It was a challenge for college football. I think for college basketball. That'd be magnified by about ten because you have more than three hundred team that are going to try to kick this season off. So i think everybody's just crossing their fingers and hoping for the best and not knowing what the head is on the theme of the three hundred teams. All kind of spinning. This roulette wheel is a lot to process. What are the protocols. Like the health protocols teams employers going to try to abide by this season. I think that's another important question and it's difficult to answer in that. There are so many different protocols by state by county depending on what's conference iran. I mean you're talking to thirty two different conferences. I'll give you an example. The american athletic conference. They're going to test three days per week during the season can't do a consecutive days. That's what ended up like guidelines. Recommend however at temple abide by the city of philadelphia's protocols which say they have to test seven days before competition every single day so you have even within conferences different rules and regulations. I've talked to athletic directors and california who are telling me that they still have to submit plans to their local authorities to get approval to compete this season. Forget host the team. Forget any of the other details just to be able to get back on the floor so you got see a lot of chaos unfold in the coming months so you are very clearly a healthcare reporter on top of being a college basketball reporter so myron explained to me what is happening in these. Pseudo bubbles where regular season games are gonna take place. One of them is an eleven day. Event starts tomorrow called bubble ville. Which has real dr seuss fives from what i can tell. What exactly is bubble ville. Well we're gonna find out but it's basically a bunch of teams all in one side of the megan sun in connecticut. Where the idea is you have everybody. At one location. There will be testing measures. Extreme testing measures with the goal being the kind of emulate. What you saw with the nba bobble on a on a somewhat smaller scale. They don't have the two hundred million dollars that the nba spent. Two resources are different. But i think their attempt is to mimic that. And when you're there there will be security in these hotels making sure that people are following protocols and then there will be specific places that you can and can't go. The challenge is going to be. Can you do that for dozens and dozens of teams and make sure that everybody's following the rules we saw the nba and the resources they put into that. It's a different different level. I think with college basketball in an attempt to pull this off for the next couple of weeks there are certainly some challenges attached to that. And there's already issues at bubble ville right. I mean the news baylor and some other schools have already pulled out of this tournament. Florida kobe issues. They pull out Baylor scott drew head coach. Their test positive announces that yesterday they pull out and then arizona state which was scheduled to play. Baylor in bubble veal. Says you know what we're not comfortable so you already have teams that have been moving things around an idea that i think we'll see throughout the season. How can you play college basketball with three hundred plus teams unless there is some sort of pseudo bubble environment

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