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Ryan hawk on dose of leadership man. I'm excited that you're here. Welcome the show my friend. I appreciate it. Thanks for having me rich You know we've been connected the lincoln and obviously had known about your show for a long time so similar past but always wanted to have you on this show talked. Nfl leadership junkie so man. I'm glad you're here. Like i said thanks for having me it I was read about. Your story is pretty wild especially with everything. Going on as a pilot and september eleventh man. I was I was like wow. This is going to be interesting. Yeah no it's it's it's been a journey but it so i'm curious i i would bet that are past. They're similar in the sense. That if i understand correctly football was kind your dream as you were growing up and then going through college and then you played somewhat professionally as well right and then. How did that in. I don't quite know the story how that ended. Why did the football come to an end. Eventually they tell you you're not gonna Like most guys they re. The sport retires you tire from. And so i played after college. I played for a few years in the arena. Football league briefly went up to canada. And cfl you know handful of workouts in the nfl and then they they say Yeah you're you're you're okay. But not good enough to To make it to the upper echelon of the sport and the nfl where you can actually earn a living and the really gripe played. It's essentially like playing minor league baseball right. You do you do it for the opportunity to keep playing into potentially catch. Someone's eye so that you could maybe have the story like kurt warner right. Kerr played in the arena. League gets gets a workout. He impresses he gets a job. The starter gets hurt and all the rest is history is now in the hall of fame. So i think that's why you do it you you and that's why i did it for a few years and I love those great experience. I mean you. Don't you can only do that when you're still in the prime of your athletic life and and so i'm glad i did it even though it delayed a little bit of my professional career but I i definitely don't regret. Yeah with so when you found it came to an end was it. Was it something you kind of always knew is going to happen you prepared for you said you know what i'm going to play ride this out as long as i can and then i'm going to start some sort of professional career and business or something that always in the back of your mind or was it like with me. I always thought. I was going to be a pilot and west when nine eleven happened and i got thrust in the corporate arena was a little bit of panic. Initially but How was it for you. Well i you know. I think kids. Are i talk with high school and college kids now. They're just so much smarter and better intentions than i did. When i was in college I didn't even really think about not playing football right And and so That could you know. I had friends who were really good about Building relationships creating connections setting themselves up for for life after college. I just wasn't one of those people. I i was immature like a lot of twenty two year olds and so i didn't have any thought of not playing I just happened to get really lucky. I am a family friend. Decided to take a chance on me and hire me into a sales job and And then just said hey just kind of use the same type of work ethic you learn as a player but now do this year for this job and if you do I have a hunch that things will go well. his name's rex. Goswell still a great friend to this day and just i'm just lucky. I had a person who is willing to take a shot. And then i as i try to do. I like to prove people right When they believe in fortunately it kind of my career went from there man. What a blessing to have that person kind of in your corner to kind of steer you. They saw something in you right. Which i think is an obligation of all this leaders right. Great leaders kinda see something that we don't even seen ourselves ripe and they help extract that out of you. That's great and then as i suppose you started working and that's when it was a lexus nexus nexus right and so you're in this sales position in this professional role like with me that's when it became. I started getting these moments of clarity of like. Oh where i came from. In my case it was the marine corps and flying planes in my mindset was limited. When i first started in thinking all i know how to do sleigh airplanes and but then as i got into the corporate arena i started saying oh i did learn a lot more than just flying airplanes. I'm assuming the probably same happen you with your football experience in in the great coaches and mentors you surrounded yourself around most of your life. I learned i learned how to develop a work ethic. I learned resilience. I learned preparation. I learned being coach -able. I learned how to collaborate with others. i got to college. I was on a much more diverse team people from wide variety of backgrounds. And i played a in the arena league down in birmingham so completely different from where. I'm from here in ohio and so i would say i think i learned about people. I learned a lot about myself. Learn about how to work. I learned how to do extra. I learned all that from my coaches from playing sports. And so i. I just tried to take that into the professional world and i liked the profession of selling because the people who were landing at the top of the stack rankings. The people who were making the most money the people who are getting promoted. They were the ones who were working the hardest. I don't have any experience. But i do think i could work And so i i. I was willing and still. I'm willing to to to work really hard at it. And then Eventually led to me. You know having some success in doing well exceeding the goals accompany set for me and then that led to promotions and more opportunities. And so i think that's that i direct all of that back to a combination of two things. One my family. My parents my brothers as well as My coaches who really taught me how to out of work once. I want for my eighth grade to ninth grade year.

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