Aviation Will Need 27,000 New Pilots in 2021 as Shortage Continues Despite Downturn


Nick. You're the one that Included this in our news segment and so oversee user. You thought this was Very interesting because it just shows two sides of the same coin We're talking really about New pilot training so the fast article. was trying to Casey who wrote it. sauce ca For the picture came from could be flight fly. Global is the one that had the article. Okay so they article is Aviation will need twenty seven thousand new pilots in twenty twenty one. That's not far away. Twenty twenty one Any a couple of months. I'm this same. Despite the industry slump and massive layoffs global civil aviation industry will require twenty seven thousand pilots up over the All Record of a million in the coming decade The full cost comes from the canadian. Training and simulation provide a c. e. And i think most of us know that because that company because they built an provides does round the world and almost all of my simulator flying. That's why i say i hate hate. They don't have a new. They're saying This number of active policies declined Between eighty seven thousand By around eighty seven thousand to around three hundred thousand but we bump up to an estimated. Three hundred seventy four thousand by the end of twenty twenty one say. See a Now you've got. Let's say this company that make a whole bunch of simulators which Which of soon valley replied of various essential part of pilot. Training saying there's going to be huge domed. The other side of the coin came from The british airline pilots association and was video giving a warnings to People who are thinking of starting a career now and investing. The huge amounts of money required To to enroll in one of the approved courses So if we can play that jeff over here Prepare that to be played to okay. i can do that. Maybe i just had. That's just a picture that you see on the And the are the note Yes Is that's just pitcher. You'd have to get a youtube clip but it's a nice lady from british A cessation basically. You can find that on. Youtube will just go to the website. Basically saying that Anyone considering starting a career right now should do so. We great caution because Despite the this forecast and other forecasts by training providers the So many unemployed and very well qualified pilots out there still looking for jobs. The market is likely to be so depressed over the next few years that they're saying that we would recommend you hold off a making any big decisions about when to start your flying training. If you want to. And i have to say i would. A hundred percent agree before you start training. It's relatively easy having not yet made a a financial commitment to Go find yourself another job for a couple of years. Watch the market see what is actually happening with their lines whether their blossoming and whether things happening But once you've made a commitment and you throw all that money at it If you come out the other end and the market still depression. There's no job You've got the great problem of all your qualifications. Timing out before you can find someone to employees and what's more you may find yourself in a job that doesn't play particularly well and you've been a huge loan to service so i'm have a good strong think about it and this particular pair of articles really am fa- sizes the two different sides. You only listen to one side and he listened to all the predictions of lots of jobs. And you'll be fine and carry on an not to the other side from the professional pilots unions. That are out there advising you take care of it. You can't make a poor decision

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