5 Teens Charged In Armed Carjacking In The Loop, Chicago


Chicago police say five teenagers are now facing charges in a Carjacking attempt downtown last night, the police said the suspect, therefore 16 year old boys and won 15 year old girl. Attempted Carjacking happened just before six. Last night. Around ST in Randolph 32 year old truck driver Love rundown of Las Vegas, was sitting in a rented Dodge charger when the team's allegedly approached. Tells CBS 21 put a gun to his chest while another one was choking him. And another was biting his leg. Randhawa says he knocked away with turned out to be a replica gun. Good. If you're gonna shoot me before shooting me, I will take this car off and I'm gonna smash it on the wall. And you're gonna die with. Coincidentally, yesterday was the victims and his wife's anniversary. He says she was shocked by what happened. Bernie. Deploy it. NewsRadio, one of 5.9

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