The Big House Smash Melee & Ultimate online event canceled following Nintendo cease & desist order


Tournaments in the smash brothers community. Oh that's interesting. I definitely this paragraph definitely starts in the middle on what happened there. Why did that get leader. Kevin what did you do there. I'm pretty sure you really you think it was me. This year's installment of the big house one of the most important tournaments in the smash super smash brothers. He has been shut down by nintendo. Its use of fan. Develop mod meant to improve online play in super smash brothers melee quote. The big house is heartbroken to share. We've received a cease and desist from nintendo america inc to cancel our upcoming online event. Tournaments official statement reads. We were informed. We do not have permission to host or broadcast. The event primarily due to the usage of slippy we are forced to comply with the with the order and cancelled a big house online for both melee and ultimate new quote here from nintendo quote nintendo appreciates the love and dedication the fighting game community has for the super smash brothers series nintendo told cocoon an email. We have partnered with numerous super smash brothers tournaments in the past and host our own online and offline tournaments for the game and we plan to continue that support in the future. Unfortunately the upcoming big house tournament announced plans to host online tournament for super smash brothers melee that requires the use of illegally copied versions of the game in conjunction with ahmad called slippy during their online event nintendo therefore contacted the tournament organizers. Ask them to stop. They refused nintendo no choice but to step in and protect its intellectual property and brands. Nintendo cannot condone or allow privacy of its intellectual property and quote prejudice. Here now while the big house organized robin juggle guy. Horn confirmed these details in an email to kentucky. It should be noted that backing up your your own. Copies of video games for personal use is entirely legal per united states. Copyright law and parentheses. Slippy is a third party modification built by a group of fans to add rollback net code super smash brothers melee before slipping release earlier this year malay players suffered with a subpar infrastructure the mid the nineteen year old game much harder to play at a competitive level but with the addition of rollback net code the benefits of which are widely acknowledged by anyone who takes the fighting game. Seriously malay players were able to finally enjoy great matches with far-flung opponents the arrival of slippy became even more important as the onset of the covid nineteen pandemic pump the brakes on the grassroot tournament circuit with several notable players singing. His praises. many of those players are rightfully making their displeasure with nintendo online in the wake of the big houses. Cancel ization and the hashtag has free. Malay is now trending on twitter quo of all the shit from nintendo. This takes the prize. Adam armato lindgren's another top layer player said quote it's a global pandemic going on is a is a global pandemic going on in intend to once again wants the competitive seem to suffer. Is it too much to ask that. People can play and compete in games from home during this time esa slippery slope where i see both sides of it right because i actually cut the article. I'm off my game. I was so excited. Hang out with you today right. It's going to say of course that to do this like it's been hinted at their you need to be emulating it. And that's why the copyright thing comes in where you're going is that you're not playing the game as it's meant to be you're using this thing and going off of a not so here it is when mainly came out in two thousand one did not have any form of network play adding such necessities The use of the game cube and we emulator dolphin which can which one can only assume nintendo would rather not exist that would make slippy which works in conjunction with the dolphin. A no go. Even if the mod isn't the crux of the problem ended up itself. So that's the mix up problem here right where this is all going from. Where do you stand on this. So i mean. Does the tendons doing their own thing. It's weird that they say that they appreciate love the dedication the fighting game community. Has i the smash brothers series and then they pull something like this and it's it's also interesting that there is that slip up that little bit of confusion with emulation because wasn't it just like a few years ago that they were on the witch hunt for people that were emulating any sort of nintendo game share. Yeah so for for for the point that the person making the article on. I apologize in walker in walker like we're covert. It's a pandemic. were stuck at home. We can't go to ebo. We can't go to all of these other fighting game. I i haven't been. I would love to but i can't. This would be a perfect opportunity to watch that to be a part of that and to see them shut. This down is just really disappointing.

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