Shana Sissel Take Action on Your Good Ideas


So i did a write up on apple and apple and so this were joyce it was an awesome choice but it was a bad investment for me because i never actually put money in it and i wasn't able to convince anybody else to do it either so i went and i did my write up and my pitch was based on the fact that they were just about to launch the very first iphone which seems crazy if you think about it because we're now on iphone twelve and the iphone seems to have been with us forever there. There's an entire generation of people who don't know life without an iphone unim- amazing and so my the my at the time. The stock was probably trading under twenty dollars a share. And i did the work. I believe that the iphone was going to be a complete game changer. And my belief for this was i had an. I'm mac like a macbook pro laptop. I had been dating somebody at the time. Who had one. And i was so impressed with it that i went and bought one myself and i kind of understood that once you had an apple products you wanted more apple products it was sort of addicting. And so if you had an apple computer you would want an iphone and potentially vice versa and apple at the time like no market share and the personal computer market and blackberry like ruled the world when it came to smartphones. So my whole thesis was that it would develop this ecosystem because it had apple had such a brand commitment from people who used it and that there was a generation of students that were coming up. That would prefer apple to you. Know the larger brands. The dell's the hewlett-packard's of the world's the compaq computers of the world. And so i went in and i pitched the ecosystem pitched iphone is a game changer in stock with maybe eighteen bucks and i had a price target of one hundred fifty and i got laughed out of the room. I was told that. I should pick a different career. So i was unable to convince the portfolio manager that i was interviewing with to purchase apple and then i do not trust my own instincts in my own work enough to then put my own money in it and so for me not buying apple in two thousand and six. Even though i had done the work. I felt confident in the work that i had done. But i didn't trust my own ability to do the review of the analysis. And trust that i didn't have it wrong just because somebody didn't believe me who was an a position of power or somebody got more experience in the industry because sometimes having that fresh perspective is the thing that makes you good particularly when you're talking about something like apple in two thousand six two thousand seven. Who was as we have found out now. Nearly new universe of product that has changed how we use our mobile phones completely. Okay so what lessons did you learn from this. So i learned a lot of lessons. I learned that. Just because there's somebody out there who people respect in like it's okay to think differently and just because they disagree with you doesn't mean you're wrong. It may never hurt them that they didn't make that investment. But it could hurt you and your ability to develop in your skill and evaluating stocks. If you don't trust your judgement do the work and convince yourself that it's worth investing in because you can't convince somebody else if you can't convince yourself and more importantly trusting that sometimes thinking different is a positive thing and in my case.

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