Shana Sissel Take Action on Your Good Ideas


Everybody knows what happened at apple. Within months of the iphone my price target was too low because it blew through one fifty and less than eighteen months and but again it really comes down to. It's okay to think differently because when it comes to investing that's how you win. Following the crowd is never how you win in the world of investing. It's being different thinking different and seeing things differently. That helps you win now. Sometimes you lose to because of that. But it's all about learning from those experiencing and as long as you're making good thoughtful investments in. You're doing the work and you are confident. In what brought you to the conclusion. There's really nothing. There's no bad outcome to that even if you were wrong because it's always about learning something new that's exciting too. When you think about in the world of finance what. I love about the world of finances that were constantly learning new things i mean. It's just a constant battle on a constant challenge and that that's what makes it exciting. Let me share a what. I take away from it. The first thing is. I just pulled up a chair. Price chart and i can see on a adjusted basis for share splits. And all that that. If we went back to that time that you recommending it you were saying that the it was about twenty but now as we make adjustments we can say it was probably about three dollars at that time in today's level of share price in that means right now in the share prices at one twenty one that means a forty times increase of you just bought that stood with your idea and just let it ride so sorry about that. Bank account is sorry about that. Yeah and so yeah. That's the first thing that you know it. It was a great and it was a great recommendation and the ecosystem really did turn out to be really a key part of that and so i think we'd learn a lot about the confidence in our idea. The second part is this idea of not acting. And i think that you know one of the things it i teach about. I wrote a book called how to start building your wealth investing in the stock market. And basically what i say is that you know. Young people have a massive advantage because they have time on their side. You know a lot of warren buffett's gains is simply he's been in the market now. What sixty years. Whatever that number is you know you've got to take advantage of time. And so many people don't act now that could be not acting on that one good stock idea or it could also be a mistake of just not acting and i have people that i talk to and they say to me you know. I'm really low. Risk so i just put my money in the bank and i think to myself your high risk because you are exposing yourself to what i call. Shortfall risk and the shortfall risk is simply that when it comes time to retire. You do not have the money you need to retire at the level that you want to retire so i think you definitely highlight a very important issue in. That is not acting so. I appreciate that anything you'd add. I no i think you hit the nail right on the head. It's it's really about you know acting. And in my case. I was fortunate enough to work at fidelity investments at one point and was able to work with some of the brightest minds in investing and always think back to how peter lynch used to approach investing. Which is if you know it. And you're in you're confident in it. Then then you should trust your gut in investing in it so he always say by what you know and in this case i was somebody who was going to be part of that ecosystem. I had already had the laptop. I couldn't wait to get the iphone. Because i love my laptop so much and despite the fact that i had that much confidence because i was one of the people who was going to take advantage of of this trend that i saw. I still didn't feel confident. That other people would as well and peter always used to say if you know it and you love it then. You should invest in it because more likely than not. You're not the only one who loves that product or that service yet. In fact graduating with my undergrad in

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