You're Not A Business Owner Until You Start Thinking Like One

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They're working five jobs. They just haven't identified as that so absolutely. It's you know. The founder of china's t told me one day said You know jeremy. There is no school for entrepreneurship. Chow to run a business but actually being the entrepreneur and what all of that feels like. You can't teach it. You just have to live it a lot easier to live with somebody on the sidelines. Coaching journey on to a great. I think it's like one of those bragging badges to the people lot like you hear a lot like i kind of to on the show and people don't like shows like what are you actually do think it was like the sound of it. Are you entrepreneur. D on a job. And that's what i like to ask excel of into some saupiquet. 'cause the main like until you start thinking lock like a business on the want. I think a lot of people out there were listening. Is i'm and show you and save his diet with another tribe businesses. Like even the big guys. You know there'd be a company's twenty thirty forty stuff frigging economic. I sit hundred plus believe it or not. And they're they're still so you know one of the one of the biggest things that you know. It's different between being an entrepreneur. Being the leader and being louis is really what you're accountable for an entrepreneur or the leader is really accountable for the ultimate outcome. But they're not actually accountable for doing anything i really. I found a lot of breaks through for a lot of leaders. Say hey you're accountable for getting it done not for doing and so really start looking at. How do you build a team earlier talking. About how the previous podcast. How to build a vision and how to communicate that how to translate that but once you have people inspired you need to build a team around you this going to do it. Not you do it that you doing. It just means you got yourself a job. I don't think that's the big the big realization that i've had over the years is and admittedly through speaking with amazing people in al levian always Focused heavily on things like organizational structure. And i've learned over the years literally. Everything you do in business will will be dictated by the work you put into your old job the structure and even from a strategy and planning. Yeah that's my experience any From what i've learned since we've started really doubling down on this you know we've we've never like really started to take off because we're just it just brings everything it's makes everything started transparent. We teach the accountability chart. I'm pretty sure you're familiar with that. Basically it's a org chart just goes just a little bit further there and i tell people all the time.

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