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Welcome to episode two hundred eighty eight of live happy now. This has been the most unusual and for many the most difficult year in recent memory. What's gratitude got to do with it. This is paula phelps. And this week as we celebrate thanksgiving as seemed like a great time to talk about how important gratitude is not only at thanksgiving but as a daily practice live happy ceo and co founder. Deborah highs sits down with me to talk about gratitude and other practices to make this unusual thanksgiving more meaningful deborah. Welcome to live happy now once again. You bala it's great lear- especially this time of year. I'm really loud. This is where my times a year. And i'm really excited for checker broadcast. I think we have a lot of talk about. Yeah because anyone that's listened to this awhile knows at both you and i are gratitude junkies so who knows what happens when we get together and talk about it. We're getting more grateful for each other. That's there you go well. This year is been unusual so it puts gratitude in kind of a different light for a lot of people because there are so many people are dealing with loss whether that's loss of loved ones lhasa. Work loss of the freedom that they had to move around and see people so in your life and in what's going on in your world. How are you approaching this thanksgiving and and with your gratitude loss. And i think the one that we're all feeling and not the biggest loss in terms of scale obviously losing a loved one is much more significant loss but the biggest loss in terms of one that i think everyone is feeling a little bit of is a loss of community and as we're going into the holiday season i think that's even more intensified where we might get together with large family gatherings in our family can't travel in or is uncomfortable traveling in or you know for whatever reason were not going to be able to have the typical large family gatherings holiday party corporate outings. Happy hour's wage cycle bureau were be sprayed. I think we get a lot of our sense of community for mos activity. So when we're talking about what we're doing for me. It's what we do work place that to make sure that number one. We are expressing our gratitude. It is the time of thanksgiving after all but also what are we going to replace that so we don't lose out on that sense of community one of the great things you can do and i got a couple of days. This is not my own idea. Is you can take the time to do something. That is a little archaic. And i've gotten a couple of gratitude notes from soups and written letters. Telling me how regretful it is that we won't be able to get this year. How much we're looking forward to getting together next year. And how much more forward and then sharing your on in your life fashion letter to knees. A great idea. Xpress browser this holiday season and the person who receives it one. I i was just talking with someone this morning. About how on a male junkie. And i was like i am too you know and so when we get something. That's handwritten these days. That's incredibly exciting to receive is and you don't have gotten that one that not only was it. Handwritten but person full photos of their social media of jehovah's used it on the computer and talk to me about how much you know and it was family member said how much they were regretting that they were to get together with us this year but they had all these positive memories of last year that he thinking of us and we couldn't wait till next year we put on game that simple but it really took time and energy on their part i or we know from evidence base that even the act of writing that liar heightened their gratitude heightened their happiness low. An it certainly certainly heightened mine. It was a wonderful surprise to get to that in the make so if someone that is a great practice in an earlier this year we had talked to the woman who did the three hundred sixty five days of. Thank you notes and she wrote. Thank you letters to people. So if someone's going to do this there are certain things that you should include are certain practices that you can do to that will trigger more gratitude for you. Is that correct yes. There are more gratitude. So you're speaking about the interview that you did with. Nancy davis cup i at the hankyu project on. Yeah there's a lot of chips about how bright the right thank you and right branching water but one of the things that that is. My favorite is specity. B very specific in order for it to resonate. It's like when you think back to your childhood. You can think back to your childhood in general doesn't resonate on a single something and then you can start team sabre that you remember the way set way. Something smell away. Something felt when you're writing a gratitude letter if you can be specific about what you're grateful for a moment in time or something. The person the reader is the opportunity to savor that memory. As do you you get the opportunity to save that memory and it just heightens the sensation of a tube. Ecorse cruiser overall wellbeing. It's great. I love

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