Israel's Netanyahu reportedly met with Saudi crown prince in historic first


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu secretly met with Saudi Arabia is Crown Prince in the kingdom Sunday, according to three Saudi government advisors, their first known meeting Made US push to normalize ties between the long time foes. The Saudis and the Israelis met Sunday. Without the Palestinians involved in the negotiations Contrary completely contrary to what Senator what secretary state then 2016 John Kerry said. Saudi Arabia is denied the meeting took place. Israel has not That's that was the headline yesterday. Wall Street Journal. Now, September 2020 this year September of this year, Israel has signed a new peace agreement with the United Arab Emirates at the White House. That's you, eh? Another Saudi country without the without the Palestinians involved whatsoever, signing a peace deal at the White House with the Israelis. Two examples. John Kerry was completely wrong. And the current secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, was instrumental And being a negotiator, a moderator, a go between in both sets of negotiations. It can happen. The Palestinians do not have to be involved in any negotiations, and John Kerry could not have been more wrong about it in 2016, and that may be very well. The reason why he was not chosen to be secretary of state again and is now overseeing climate change. Yeah, he's going to focus on climate. Well, that's according to Joe Biden, but that's maybe one of the reasons and that's why we wanted to roll out that audio clip because he did not read the room at all in the Middle East properly. He missed

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