What's Next for Muslims in America?

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Audit hoda. Novus anomoly continue all Thank you joining us here. On this table where we are discussing. How post election forts. And what's next for muslims in america. I'm sure you can all agree. It's been crazy times and in many ways we're kind of up the woodsmen anyways we're entering new self woods with new challenges to face. I wanted to start off just by asking. What role did muslim voters play in this election. The way we've done things in the past. There has been slow grassroots initiatives. Here and there are different organizations. But this time. There was a lot of And i think you know over among. Muslims voted in the election. That's phenomenal like that's beyond anyone's expectations. Of was there before the election started or the early voting started States like michigan. I think some delivered. They delivered michigan to the biden. Victory and i think minnesota what we snare issues exceptional sixty plus muslims. That got elected this election. And that says something. When you see that in the Legislator reflects what our community looks like need looked at this election Strategically see where we needed to Where we needed to help out in order to get border turn out and what community could actually build those coalitions. I feel like there is the sentiment and i saw this on social media in leading up to the election. There was this kind of sentiment that muslim organizations who Kind of you know. representing The muslim grassroots on the ground for the biden campaign Was being kind of you know there was kind of i. Don't use the word fighting but into dialogue lesage's to be kind About various organizations. And whether or not they have essentially the right to represent listen votes. You think that that kind of infighting is kind of unfair leading up to election where it's so important that muslims gathered together as a coalition and trump office. The muslim communities diverse in there has to be important questions that are asked in our organization. Do need to help be held accountable. so i i see nothing wrong in conversations about directions. Muslim organizations are going. You know as long as they're done in a manner that's productive in in a manner that's intended to move the community forward And i think you know how organizations respond to that is also telling of the direction they want to. And i think organizations and i've been with an organization before at at abc has been under the gun. That's been under community pressure to make changes. I've gone through it on the other side. And i understand that. They namic of running an organization. Dan dynamics of being annetta. That's a separate conversation of how organizations have to react and have to respond to community pressure and valid concerns. I think the question money raise was well is is this a time to talk about you. Know community Is at the time where we have an elections where we're trying to vote out a fascist and You know everybody has a different opinion. There is no right or wrong. Answer in both sides have concerns about the timing and so forth wasn't twenty sixteen on repeat. A lot of people did fall in line disappoint. Joe biden even May not have agreed that he was the best choice. Personally i do think he was a better choice. Donald trump a happily voted for him. I didn't have an issue. Voting for him are his policies. Perfect no by any means. They're not he's not the perfect candidate but i'm not looking for the perfect candidate. I'm not looking for somebody that i'm going to go out and stand in line for hours and it's going to get me. You know up to to see him. I'm i'm looking for president and it's normal. You know somebody that we can. When we do fight against our fight policies and push back on somebody that's gonna be receptive to listening to us so the democratic party joe biden's administration. We have to give them room to prove you know to to to prove themselves to the community. We have to give them room to answer to our concerns and our demands. And and see how reacts and i'm not saying biden is going to completely shut the door issues. He may well come out and be the bus president. We've seen for the community. We do have to give them that opportunity to do so. We have to give that room for him to to work in and navigate with us and see what comes about something that you said that like we just want a normal president and i think that that is really scary for me because i think a normal president in the united states is a warmonger will still enact other types of bands will still children are still being separated in the united states via the incarceration systems People are still being shot and killed by police. They're still surveillance they're still going to be a us empire and so these like he's very core. Fundamental forms of violence are not going to be raised at all. I think that is something that It's central to what i think i'm really pushing for. Is that a yes. We should have diversity of tactics absolutely. We can't just like protests everybody in the street and then like think. Everything's going to change if we don't have a strategy. If we are able to actually think about things strategically. I agree that a diversity of tactics is very important but i also think i think there's celebration i think there's a difference between a celebration of trump leaving office and biden entering office. I think it's like great. I love seeing trump depress. The white house or about the whole thing at the that was great. I love that. But there's truly nothing to celebrate about biden sneaking office and truly nothing to celebrate about going back to the status quo in the status quo is so deeply violent. The bar has been so much lowered based on how much violence that we've normalized. And i think that that's something that we can't allow. We allow ourselves normalized. Violence like biden saying that he's going to reverse the muslim ban. You shouldn't be sprayed it as a hero. That is like the basic thing that he should be doing and so i think that us getting excited. That biden is doing not even the bare minimum but just like reversing back to normal. Violent status quo is not a celebration. I think that unfortunately trump has really really destroyed our sense of normalcy but are also like before that even our sense of normalcy was like really endanger. And i think we don't do enough imagining about what we're actually trying to build toward And i think if we're actually able to sit down and be like all right. We're trying to elect muslims into positions of power for what what is our end goal like. We're going to rally around biden to get into power for what

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