Ep. 25 The Weekly Bugle Vol 5 | The Mandalorian Chapter 12, Loki, The Snyder Cut, & More!


Your place for the latest geek. Fandom news hey friends welcome back to the weekly bugle. It was another exciting weekend. Fanned of news. I mean obviously we got another episode of the mandalorian with that ending. Though like that we've got some time out there Some low key rumors which i'm always in for luton. I'll wonder woman nineteen eighty-four announcements. The snyder cut trailer is here and a lot more. So let's get into it. I the mandalorian season three two. Sorry i'm ahead of myself. I'm like whoo season two. She's wondering we will be season. Free rights sorry. I was like jumping ahead. Because i'm like twenty. Let's move on the mandalorian season to the siege holy crap. It was so good for so many reasons but first off. Baby yoda at school. I loved it baby. Yoda always is just adorable. You but yes at school amazing eating. Macaroni jeopar- you. I was like using the forbes to steal the kids cookies. Like i've never felt more seen in star. Wars episode is the forest steal. Somebody's macaroni i mean. Who wouldn't i would be quickly anybody out there. Who wouldn't there were just like this. Is it out you are my spirit animal using. Oh my gosh okay. While the other awesome thing about last week's episode that india scene while ending so we know that moth getting has been trying to take baby otas blood and create these beings after pershing was back and he had a hologram message. Like i work in guys like everybody's dying but at the end we see mafias. It's all good 'cause we're we we we we. We are going to be ready for them. And i'm like who's we you see this like shot of these dark troopers which are cause the fight song cited. That was so bad. Oh my gosh well bad with like dollar word after that. We don't say on our podcast because you know we're family friendly and all right. This is so crazy. I was a little bit disappointed though in this week's episode because after day send the mandalorian looking for a soka. I really was hoping to see her. But i guess it's a little bit too much to ask to see her right away young however the upcoming episode is directed by dave alone. As i'm crossing my fingers that we'll get to see soka. Finally i mean. I could see them. Drying it out for us a little bit longer. 'cause you know that's what they like to do. That is the way too. You're right yup. But i'm really booking for this coming week. I believe the episode is called. The jet i to the rumors are true. But i i still feel like. She's not going to be in the whole episode manic at the end. Like a corner. Something or you'll see like her lightsabres light up and that'll be the end of then the credits and i'll be screaming like all my money. Par for the course did her Easter egg breakdown so make sure to check.

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