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Encouragement, and I believe that the church provides that and we have been essential for 2000 years, he says. Harvest Rock is a big church with people that they've been pretty good it socially distancing, and the church says it's been harassed by L. A county prosecutors and the city of Pasadena with threats of criminal action and promise possible prison terms with new spikes and Kofi cases comes new concern about hospital capacity and staffing from a top Los Angeles County medical official Tell you more about That right after traffic in two minutes. It's 905 traffic and weather together ever chemicals in the fives. And here is Jennifer. Your okay, So we still have the two right lanes blocked on the south bound side of the water one at Western. It looks, though that is Back of his diminishing a little bit. It's backed up to about Hollywood Boulevard. So it's not too bad. I would take the one on one just steer to the left, and you'll you'll get through this. The Golden State's also good drive for the most part really good. Getting away for the 1 34 live a little bit of volume around the two but overall good drive. All right, let's go. Two dozen. He's got a sig alert in Orange County, Southern California, Twitter dealers that jam Cam on the four or five. It's the South bound for five right around Magnolia. We're only the right lane has been open. This is where a truck flipped over in Lanes, and this drive is just crawling off of the 22. You do have some options? Of course, if you want to use some surface streets, so basically, just make sure you get on the freeway Warner and you're completely miss the mess their heads up north bound. Just a slight delay. Everyone kind of taking a gander as you pass by five. North still kind of recovering, as is the four or five North heading up toward Sil Mar from an earlier crash it Roxburgh West wanted one Valley Circle car flipped over a couple of times. Still blocking that Valley Circle offer. If it's a sig alert, that's why you're backed up like you'll catch it. You'll say what is going on here? That's what it is. It's just lookie loos slowing back to about receipt to on that westbound one of one next time, reported the 9 15 with more traffic reports more often I'm Jennifer York and the Toyota Glendora dot com. 24 hour traffic center KNX

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